Sherp ATV: All-terrain monster truck can be yours for $65,000

Sherp ATV by Aleksey Garagashyan

If you have ever dreamed of owning a monster truck, here is your chance to buy one for $65,000. Aleksey Garagashyan, a Russian mechanic has come up with a life-sized version of a toy truck that’ll definitely appeal to the child in you. Dubbed Sherp ATV, the odd-looking mini monster truck comes with huge 5.2 feet self-inflating tires that can take it almost anywhere. The two men all-terrain vehicle can glide through water, mud, sand and ice with ease.

Beast among bikes: The Moto Guzzi 3-Wheel motorcycle

Restored 1960s Moto Guzzi 3-Wheel motorcycle in Russian museum

For all you bad boys out there, the auto market has plenty of badass motorcycles to suit your tough personality. However, we are pretty convinced that none of them can match the hard core style of this 1960s Moto Guzzi 3-Wheel motorcycle. A one-of-a kind machine, this 3-wheel vehicle is a complicated blend of a motorcycle, car and an ATV, all fused into one. Built for the Italian Army back in the 1960s, the Moto Guzzi 3 Wheel motorcycle was ordered by General Ferruccio Garbari to replace the traditional mules used by his mountain troops.

Xterrain500 electric bicycle comes with a custom 10-inch wide front tire

Xterrain500 electric bicycle

Xterrain, US-based manufacturers of sand and snow bikes have unveiled an all terrain bike which boasts a custom 10-inch-wide front tire. Dubbed Xterrain500, the electric bicycle with its custom fat tire can glide on soft surfaces such as the beach sand, snow and mud pretty comfortably. Although, there are several fat tire type bicycles available in the market today, but most of them comes with a 4-inch wide tire which is difficult to handle on soft beach sand and only do good on packed sand. On the other hand, the Xterrain500 electric bicycle with its ATV inspired front tire can ride on any surface with ease.