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Highlights from bizarrely brilliant world of Burning Man 2016

Burning Man festival 2016

Burning Man is the biggest and most bizarre week-long art and music festival in the world. This annual gathering takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Every year various artists and enthusiasts from across the globe gather at Black Rock City to create a beautiful and imaginative community, which is removed after the event, leaving no trace. This year’s festival lasted from August 28th until September 5th. Have a look at some of the major highlights from Burning Man 2016.

Julia The Woodroadster: A fully-functional wooden car by Peter Szabo

Julia The Woodroadster by Peter Szabo

We love wooden vehicles here and are always delighted to feature them whenever we get a chance. Few days back we showed you the Toyota Setsuna concept vehicle crafted from Japanese wood. Today also, we are bringing you a wooden car that’s fully functional and is built by a Romanian auto enthusiast. Named Julia The Woodroadster, the wooden car is built by Peter Szabo, from Corunca, Romania. This art car was first unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show back in September 2015.

How about an officially licensed 1966 Batmobile replica?

1966 Batmobile replicas by Mark Racop

Of all the superheroes, Batman has always been the most favorite to all the generations. The dedication of some avid fans for this iconic character is so great that they have actually turned this passion into a genuine career. One such Batman aficionado is Logansport, Indiana-based Mark Racop who has spent the past 31 years precisely crafting the perfect Batmobile replica. Over this course of time, the 50-year-old spent almost $250,000 on researching about the vehicle and also on building it as the exact replica of the Batmobile.

Artist Lin Shih-Pao builds F1 car from 25,000 discarded mobile phones

Lin Shih Pao builds car from recycled mobile phones

Lin Shih-Pao, a Taiwanese artist has built a life-size model of a Formula 1 race car from 25,000 recycled mobile phones. Intended to spread environmental awareness, it took the 53-year-old artist about four months to complete the unique project. It demonstrates how a pile of trash can be recycled and transformed into a piece of modern art. Lin Shih-Pao collected thousands of old and discarded mobile phones for the sculpture travelling for four years across the globe. The New York based artist spent more than $30,000 on the art car.

Graffiti artist creates Ferrari F430 Art Car for New York International Auto Show

This year’s edition of New York International Auto Show is all set to begin from April 18 in Manhattan. Leading auto companies and automotive designers will be showcasing latest production vehicles and concept cars at the annual auto show.  New York-based graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos who is widely recognized for his graffiti artwork and regarded as the architect of Graffiti art movement will also be exhibiting an art car at this year’s event. Known as Ferrari F430 Art Car project, the show piece has been developed by the artist in collaboration with Dorian Grey Gallery and Martino Auto Concepts.