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Sherp ATV: All-terrain monster truck can be yours for $65,000

Sherp ATV by Aleksey Garagashyan

If you have ever dreamed of owning a monster truck, here is your chance to buy one for $65,000. Aleksey Garagashyan, a Russian mechanic has come up with a life-sized version of a toy truck that’ll definitely appeal to the child in you. Dubbed Sherp ATV, the odd-looking mini monster truck comes with huge 5.2 feet self-inflating tires that can take it almost anywhere. The two men all-terrain vehicle can glide through water, mud, sand and ice with ease.

John Mayer gets himself a $500,000 EarthRoamer mobile home

John Mayer buys EarthRoamer XV-LTS

John Mayer, American singer-songwriter has bought a new super-cool and luxurious ride for himself. The 37-year-old celebrity recently uploaded a picture of himself posing alongside his new ride, an EarthRoamer XV-LTS on Instagram. Based on Ford’s F-550 chassis, the custom mobile home is manufactured by Colorado-based EarthRoamer and is believed to cost John around $500,000. The company is known to manufacture XVs or Xpedition Vehicles for adventurous people that offers way better quality, durability and convenience as compared to traditional recreational vehicles (RVs) and other expedition vehicles.