Dutch couple to drive to South Pole in solar-powered vehicle made from plastic waste

Solar Voyager by Clean2Antarctica-

Plastic waste has become one of the most serious problems for our planet. Well, most of us dispose plastic into the trash can after use but for a Dutch couple it has turned out to be the most valuable resource for their project. In an effort to promote zero waste living, Liesbeth and Edwin ter Velde of the Clean2Antarctica project will be making an adventurous journey all the way to South Pole. The couple will be driving Solar Voyager, a solar-powered vehicle which is built from recycled plastic waste.

Ricky Ma creates lifelike Scarlett Johansson humanoid robot

Scarlett Johansson Humanoid Robot by Ricky Ma

Fans often do crazy things for their favorite celebrities, but this fan has actually built replica of his favorite Hollywood actress. Hong Kong-based graphic designer Ricky Ma has always dreamed of designing a humanoid robot since childhood. Being obsessed with animation and robots, Ma has finally created lifelike female humanoid robot that bears close resemblance to none other than Avengers actress Scarlett Johansson.

Glifo writing tools let disabled children express their creativity


In collaboration with TOG and Open Dot Milano, a collaborative team has created Glifo writing tools to let disabled children express their creativity. Due to nervous system related impairments, affected children often face trouble in minute movements of hands while writing or drawing. But all thanks to these new colorful writing instruments, made using 3D printing technologies, these kids can freely write and draw.

TU Delft teams with MX3D to develop 3D printed Arc Bicycle

3D Printed Arc Bicycle by TU Delft

MX3D, an innovative Amsterdam-based startup has teamed up with a group of students at the Delft University of Technology to create a 3D-printed stainless steel bicycle. Known for groundbreaking robotic 3D print technology, MX3D came into limelight few months back with their plan to build a 3D printed stainless steel bridge in Amsterdam by 2017. To demonstrate their pioneering technology, MX3D invited TU Delft students to create something using it which resulted in 3D printing a stainless steel frame for the Arc Bicycle.

I See Exoskeleton: ic! Berlin launches new series of 3D printed eyeglasses

I See Exoskeleton eyewear collection by ic! Berlin

ic! Berlin, German manufacturer of high-end, handcrafted eyewear has unveiled their second series of 3D printed eyeglasses. Producing screwless glasses since 1996, a patented hinge design is utilized which makes the construction of their frames very simple avoiding use of any screws, welds or glue. Dubbed ‘I See Exoskeleton’, the light and flexible collection of sunglasses and corrective-lens glasses is made from the polyamide 3D printing material known as plotic using the SLS 3D printing technology.

Aurora Flight Sciences teams up with Stratasys for world’s first 3D-printed jet-powered drone

world’s first 3D-printed jet-powered drone

Aurora Flight Sciences, American aviation & aeronautics research company specialized in designing unmanned aerial vehicles have teamed up with 3D printing company Stratasys to develop the world’s first 3D-printed jet-powered aircraft. Unveiled during an exhibition at the Dubai Airshow, the drone is believed to be the fastest 3D printed UAV as well with an astonishing top speed of 150 miles per hour. Also, according to Dan Campbell, Aurora Flight Sciences’s Aerospace Research Engineer, it is also the largest and most complex 3D-printed UAV ever produced.

Launzer kicks off with world’s first official 3D printed Batman figurines

World's First Official 3D Printed Batman Figurines

Superhero fans love to collect manikins as well as merchandise related to their favorite action figure. Finnish company 3D Online Factory- Launzer understands the importance of superheroes in every fans’ life. So to keep some of the most thrilling memories alive, the firm often designs various 3D printed figures for all superfans, across the globe. Taking the 3D printables to next level, the firm has now created the world’s first 3D printed Batman figures.

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