Dutch couple to drive to South Pole in solar-powered vehicle made from plastic waste

Solar Voyager by Clean2Antarctica-

Plastic waste has become one of the most serious problems for our planet. Well, most of us dispose plastic into the trash can after use but for a Dutch couple it has turned out to be the most valuable resource for their project. In an effort to promote zero waste living, Liesbeth and Edwin ter Velde of the Clean2Antarctica project will be making an adventurous journey all the way to South Pole. The couple will be driving Solar Voyager, a solar-powered vehicle which is built from recycled plastic waste.

Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle by Airbus APWorks

Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle

From 3D printed guitars to 3D printed bikes, 3D printing technology is taking the world by storm. But that’s not all, now brace yourself for the world’s first 3D printed motorcycle called Light Rider. Created by Airbus subsidiary APWorks, the Light Rider looks like an electric bicycle and supported by web-shaped aluminum structure. As the name indicates, body of the electric motorcycle is lightweight and weighs just 35 kilograms (77 pounds), which is much less than its potential rider.

Catterbox: Hi-tech collar gives human voice to cats

Catterbox- world’s first talking cat collar

If you have ever wished of understanding the meows and purrs of your beloved cat, your yearning has been granted. adam&eveDDB, a creative communications agency has come up with a hi-tech 3D printed collar for cats that can translate their meows into human speech. Dubbed Catterbox, the smart wearable for felines is claimed to be the world’s first talking cat collar by its makers. To give cats a voice and to bring them closer to their owners, adam&eveDDB set up The Temptations Lab in 2015. The task was to infuse some serious fun into cats’ lives and make people understand them better.

Heavy Metal: 3D printed aluminum guitar with barbed wires and roses

Olaf Diegel's Heavy Metal Guitar

You may have seen various 3D printed musical instruments so far, but no one can beat the style and design excellence of the world’s first 3D printed aluminum guitar by Olaf Diegel from OddGuitars. Dubbed Heavy Metal, the guitar has been designed to reinvent the materials used in manufacturing quality music instruments. Instead of wood, the body of the guitar has been made out of aluminum for exploring the capabilities of metal 3D printing in music industry.

Ricky Ma creates lifelike Scarlett Johansson humanoid robot

Scarlett Johansson Humanoid Robot by Ricky Ma

Fans often do crazy things for their favorite celebrities, but this fan has actually built replica of his favorite Hollywood actress. Hong Kong-based graphic designer Ricky Ma has always dreamed of designing a humanoid robot since childhood. Being obsessed with animation and robots, Ma has finally created lifelike female humanoid robot that bears close resemblance to none other than Avengers actress Scarlett Johansson.

TU Delft teams with MX3D to develop 3D printed Arc Bicycle

3D Printed Arc Bicycle by TU Delft

MX3D, an innovative Amsterdam-based startup has teamed up with a group of students at the Delft University of Technology to create a 3D-printed stainless steel bicycle. Known for groundbreaking robotic 3D print technology, MX3D came into limelight few months back with their plan to build a 3D printed stainless steel bridge in Amsterdam by 2017. To demonstrate their pioneering technology, MX3D invited TU Delft students to create something using it which resulted in 3D printing a stainless steel frame for the Arc Bicycle.

Inception-inspired coffee table conceals 3D inverted cityscape

Inception-inspired Wave City Coffee Table by Stelio Mousarris

If you liked the mind-twisting film Inception (released in 2010), then Wave City Coffee Table influenced by the movie would certainly make you stare. Well, the movie is all about how a dreamer could control and manipulate his dreams for a certain purpose. Within the sequence of dreams, the dreamer could build entire cities that even defy the laws of gravity. It’s indeed a great film, but who would have thought that a designer could build a piece of furniture inspired by the movie?

3D printed underwater city would be made out of found ocean trash

Vincent Callebaut's 3D Printed Unde8water City Made From Oceanic Waste

It’s sad to know that the beautiful oceans around us are filled with trash. But Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut wants to recycle oceanic garbage into amazing metropolis. This futuristic oceanscrapers will be made entirely of 3D printed harvested algae and plastic waste materials. Together these materials are known as algopast, which is renewed intelligently using 3D printing technology.

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