Romain Jerome Liberty DNA watch honors the Statue of Liberty

The statue of Liberty is one of most famous and iconic structure in the world which was gifted by the people of France to the United States in 1886 marking the 100th anniversary of American Independence.

Now to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty the Swiss watch company RJ-Romain Jerome has produced a limited edition Liberty DNA watch. Teaming up with Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation and Gold Leaf Corporation, RJ-Romain Jerome was able to collect fragments of metal of the statue and use them in the dial of the timepieces.

The Macallan 64 is now officially the most expensive whisky sold at an auction

One of the oldest and rarest  Macallan’s 64 Years Old whisky bottled in a one of a kind Lalique crystal decanter has now officially became the most expensive whisky ever to be sold at an auction.

The event had taken place back in November 2010 at Sotheby in New York where the Macallan’s 64 Years Old whisky in Lalique, Cire Perdue sold for $460,000 benefitting a charity organization named ‘water’ which provides clean and safe drinking water to developing nations.

The upside down Taj Mahal table by Studio Job

One of the Seven Wonders of the World,  Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful monuments which truly enhance the grace of our planet. Every year millions of people travel across the world to India just to see the beauty and architect of Taj Mahal and it has inspired people all across the globe in lot of different ways.

Take a look at the Taj Mahal table by Belgian design firm Studio Job which has taken the inspiration in quite a weird and bizarre way and has come up with a unique table which was unveiled at the Art Basel Miami 2012.

Artist creates Stonehenge replica from scrap cars

Most of you must have heard of Stonehenge which is an iconic and a prehistoric monument and one of the world’s famous sites located in Wiltshire County, England.

However you might not have heard of Citihenge, have you? Let me tell you what it is. It is a Car Henge sculpture  created by artist Tommy Gun and it is the exact replica of Stonehenge. This project is commissioned by Czech auto maker Skoda for the promotion of their new Citigo car.

Oracle Founder Larry Ellison is buying the Lanai island

Larry Ellison, third richest man of America and the founder and CEO of Oracle Corp. is all set to buy the Lanai island which the sixth largest Hawaiian island. The tech billionaire has agreed to buy 98% of the island from another billionaire David Murdock who is the chairman of Dole Food Co. and CEO of Los Angeles based company Castle & Cooke Inc.  Ellison is having a  net worth of $36 billion and owns a racing boat team and a fleet of airplanes and now the billionaire is adding another asset to his collection and is ready to join the club of people who owns their own private island.

Hungarian guy builds a fully functional wooden chopper

Motorcycle enthusiasts like me surely will love and admire this homemade Wooden Chopper made by a passionate motorcycle lover from Hungary named Istvan Puskas. The 52 year old guy is an agricultural machine expert and a tractor driver from Tiszaros which is situated 161 kilometers east of Budapest. His Wooden motorcycle has grabbed lots of attention when it was unveiled recently after a two year hard work and dedication that has gone into this creation.

This one of a kind Chopper is a fully functional machine which is powered by an old Fiat engine and is made entirely out of black locust wood.

Vodafone comes up with a solar powered Booster Brolly umbrella

For us the purpose of an umbrella is just limited for providing us shade from the hot scorching sun in the summer and to protect us from rain and snow. However Vodafone has unveiled a unique solar powered umbrella that can charge mobile phones and  support 3G signals too. It is called Booster Brolly and is made especially for the music festivals so that you can get uninterrupted signal and don’t face a low battery problem. Highly sensitive solar panels are attached to the canopy of the umbrella and the volt panels convert the sun’s energy to electricity which is stored in the battery fixed in the handle.

A cool Transformer wine rack made from old car parts

The movie transformers inspired lots of geek heads out there to try and make their own robots. From the time since the movie released we have seen lots of robots being made, but the one we are showing you is made to perform a completely different task and that is to hold your precious bottle of wines. Yes this 1,000 pounds and six-foot tall Transformer robot is a wine rack indeed. The transformer wine rack is made from used transmission parts from cars and motorcycles and can hold up to 32 bottles of wine.

Amazing bike parts sculptures by David Zimberoff for World Bicycle Relief

Innovation knows no boundaries and we have seen numerous artists that have proved it time and again with their art and design. One such guy is SRAM’s Global Marketing Director and Industrial designer David Zimberoff who himself loves creative artwork.  His SRAM pART PROJECT is one way he has find to show his passion for art by creating sculptures made from bike parts and also has used this amazing creativity and beautiful artistic artwork for a good cause by raising money for World Bicycle Relief.

BMW introduces the i Pedelec bicycle concept

BMW is all set to open its first i Store on 25th of July and to celebrate this, they have unveiled an electric bicycle christened as  BMW i Pedelec which is designed to add some more power to the pedal motion of the bike. BMW i Pedelec is a very compact foldable electric bicycle  which can be folded in no time and can be loaded in the trunk of the BMW i3, which can accommodate two of such bicycles. To keep the weight to about 20 kg the body is made from aluminum and carbon fiber and comes with an electric motor which features a high performance battery and an electronic management system.

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