CES 2016: Samsung family hub fridge with 21.5-inch full HD monitor

CES 2016 Samsung family hub fridge with 21.5-inch full HD monitor

Samsung is known for introducing strangely practical electronics, be it the Swarovski crystals-studded Galaxy Note 3 or futuristic ring speakers. Now, the Korean tech giant is all set to launch its another mind-blowing product in the form of a refrigerator that is outfitted with a huge touch screen display. Entitled as the Family Hub refrigerator, the all-new appliance is all decked up with high-tech features such as 21.5-inch 1080p display on its door, speakers for listening to music and cameras equipped inside to watch food expire in real-time.

Boncho: Vanmoof unveils fully-body bike poncho

Boncho by Vanmoof

Bike riding is all fun and good unless it starts raining. Also, raincoats and ponchos available on the market don’t provide full protection as arms and legs of the riders remains exposed to the rain. Thus, to offer full body protection to bike riders in rain, Vanmoof, an Amsterdam-based Cycling company has designed a creative and stylish wearable tent. Named Boncho, this full-body bike poncho perfectly covers riders’ bodies from head to toe when riding in the rain.

3D printed underwater city would be made out of found ocean trash

Vincent Callebaut's 3D Printed Unde8water City Made From Oceanic Waste

It’s sad to know that the beautiful oceans around us are filled with trash. But Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut wants to recycle oceanic garbage into amazing metropolis. This futuristic oceanscrapers will be made entirely of 3D printed harvested algae and plastic waste materials. Together these materials are known as algopast, which is renewed intelligently using 3D printing technology.

CES 2016: LG unveils HDR-enabled Super 4K UHD TV lineup

CES 2016 LG unveils HDR-enabled Super 4K UHD TV lineup

When it comes to high-tech UHD TVs, LG always keep experimenting with new technology for superior content and visual quality. This year at CES 2016, South Korean tech giant will be launching its premium HDR-enabled Super 4K UHD TV series. The brand new lineup is integrated with LG’s most advanced LCD/LED picture quality ever. Besides the flat ultra slim design, these television sets are even integrated with upgrades like HDR Plus, Color Prime enhancement and webOS 3.0 smart platform.

Axis Vidius: World’s smallest FPV drone soars up to 100-feet away

Axis Vidius World's Smallest FPV Drone

Aviation enthusiasts can make the most of their time flying the all-new Axis Vidius drone by UAV company Axis Drones. It is the world’s smallest first-person-view (FPC) drone, which is designed to stream live videos and snap photos from the pilot’s viewpoint. Measuring only 1.7 inches wide and standing just under an inch tall, the Vidius is equipped with high quality camera that captures at 420p during flight and flies up to 100-feet away.

Top ten 2016 resolutions and how they’ll make your life better

Top ten 2016 resolutions

With 2016 only a couple of days away, millions are considering their new year’s resolutions and hoping to follow them for as long as possible. Well, like every year, it’s normal to assume that very few will be able to actually keep up their pledges by the end of 2016. So, if you are one of those who find it difficult to keep their new year’s resolution for more than few weeks, we are here to motivate you. We have compiled a list of top ten resolutions for 2016 and how following them will transform your life.

World’s first 3D printed miniature orchestra by my3Dtwin

World's first 3D-printed miniature orchestra by my3Dtwin

No need to call booking agent when you need an orchestra for any event. Now, you can just print it out. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to 3D printing technology, London-based studio my3Dtwin has created the world’s first 3D printed miniature orchestra. To design the complete orchestra, the studio took pictures of professional musicians playing their instruments in 360-degree photo booth. Further, these images were beautifully converted into the tiniest three-dimensional models.

7,500-piece Lego Millennium Falcon trumps the official Lego version

Star Wars 7,500-piece Lego Millennium Falcon

Over the past one year, sci-fi fans have seen numerous Star Wars-themed inventions while waiting for the release of The Force Awakens. But there’s one crazy fanatic, who has redesigned the iconic spacecraft Millennium Falcon with 7,500-pieces of Lego. Plus, it is integrated with functioning lights, gun turrets, cockpit, working boarding ramp and finely detailed underside for more realistic touch.

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