NUA Robotics’ smart suitcase automatically follows you around

NUA Robotics Suitcase follows you around

Tired of rolling a heavy luggage during your journey? To relieve your traveling woes, Israeli robotics company NUA Robotics has created a smart solution in form of hand-free suitcase that automatically follows the user wherever he/she goes. The carry-on suitcase uses Bluetooth technology to synchronize with a companion smartphone app, which further helps it to locate the user and follow along.

SP-1 Crazy Rider: Azimuth unveils motorcycle-inspired timepiece

Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider Watch

Well, this one is for die hard motorcycle lovers and admirers of Swiss watchmaking and craftsmanship. Azimuth Watches, Biel, Switzerland-based manufacturer of avant-garde and complicated timepieces have unveiled their latest watch. Christened SP-1 Crazy Rider, the design of the mechanical watch is inspired from motorcycles. Shape like the engine of a motorcycle, the unique timepiece pays homage to Easy Rider, a 1969 American road movie starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.

Airstream teams up with Pendleton for limited edition travel trailer

Pendleton National Park Foundation Airstream

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, Airstream, Ohio-based manufacturer of luxury RVs has unveiled 100 all-new, limited edition travel trailers. The all new mobile home model was introduced during a private event at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City on Thursday.  Airstream collaborated with Pendleton Woolen Mills, Portland-based textile manufacturing company to create the Limited Edition 2016 Pendleton National Park Foundation Airstream Travel Trailer.

Gold Skull Armchair celebrates evilness in the lap of luxury

Gold Skull Armchair

Ever wanted to live like a super rich badass villain? Well, this Gold Skull Armchair will definitely unveil the villainous side of yours. Designed by Luxe Parisian design firm HAROW, it is one of the most opulent lounge armchairs with dapper fabrics and precious metal finish. It appears like a luxurious throne chaise of any super villain. What makes it more extravagant is: geometric casting of a skull on the back that’s made entirely out of 24-karat gold.

Rocks that rock! Self-powered Solar Stone and Keystone speakers

Self-powered Solar Stone and Keystone speakers

Ready to rock? These stone-shaped Solar Stone and Keystone speakers by ION Audio are really going to add more fun and obviously music to your outdoor parties. What’s best about these musical pieces of rock is: both are installed with solar panels and always ready to go. According to the company, the speakers are self-powered with onboard amplification and don’t need expensive hard-wiring to back the system. So, no more plugging in the unit to recharge the battery- just enjoy the music anywhere, anytime.

Want to live like a President? Shell out $15m on White House replica

White House Replica in Dallas goes on sale

White House in United States is one of the most important structures, where the President resides. But this extravagant White House replica in Dallas, Texas does its best to compare. The lavish property can be considered as Dallas’ very own piece of Washington DC. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of living like a President, you can actually purchase it for eye-watering $15 million.

CES 2016: iLi wearable translator works without Wi-Fi or 3G/4G

iLi Wearable Translator CES 2016

Sometimes language can be the biggest barrier for avid travelers, especially when they cannot communicate with local people in a particular region. Obviously, we live in the world of internet that can easily translate few words or sentences. But what if there is no internet access around you? Here enters the iLi, a wearable device that can translate different languages in few seconds and that too without using WiFi, 3G or 4G connections.

CES 2016: B&O BeoSound 35 all-in-one speaker for audio aristocrats

CES 2016 B&O BeoSound

Bang & Olufsen is renowned for its opulent high-tech audio systems. Keeping its legacy alive and thriving, the Danish company has created another stylish speaker called BeoSound 35. Crafted by Torsten Valeur at David Lewis Designers, this new all-in-one multi-room music system comes with easy-to-use touch interface and also has integrated access to music and radio streaming services.

CES 2016: Kodak’s classic Super 8 film camera with analog-digital makeover

CES 2016 Kodak Super 8 film camera

While the Consumer Electronics Show is all about digitization and futuristic technology, Kodak is making everybody feel nostalgic with its classic Super 8 film camera. Announced at CES 2016, the Eastman company has given interesting analog-digital makeover to this retro camera with the help of industrial designer Yves Behar. Although the new eight-millimeter film camera still has its original features, but with a digital twist.

CES 2016: Ehang unwraps the world’s first human-carrying drone

CES 2016 Ehang unwraps the world’s first human-carrying drone

Nowadays drones are capable of doing almost everything from carrying your delivery boxes to diffusing bombs. But have you ever imagined to sit on a drone and travel from one place to another? Well, Chinese drone-maker Ehang has not only envisioned a drone to easily fit any human passenger, but also unwrapped a prototype of the first autonomous drone to fly humans. So, it’s more like a personal car drone.

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