Facebook squashes human emoticons into moving ‘Reactions’

Facebook Reaction

Last year, we heard that Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg was planning to add dislike button to the social network. Later Facebook claimed that the thumbs down button is rather inappropriate or possibly abusive. Instead the infamous social networking site decided to squeeze down human emoticons into six emoji alternatives called Reactions, along with the well-known like button. These moving ‘Reactions’ are considered to more expressive and recognizable worldwide; now they’re able to move. What else avid Facebook users could ask for?

Otaku bathtub is inspired from traditional boat-building techniques

Otaku bathtub by Tal Engel

We have shown you distinct type of bathtubs here in the past such as the Virgo carbon fiber bathtub by Corcel and the nature-inspired bathtub by DesignLibero. Today also, we are bringing you a unique kind of bathtub which is woven from wood. Tal Engel, Berlin-based designer has built a beautiful bathtub from pressed woven veneer sheet using conventional Asian boat-building techniques. Named Otaku bathtub, the project emphasizes on a ‘micro-cosmos’ of relations between sailing and bathing- as states of mind, and between boat and the bathtub as two functional entities.

Circular bridge in Uruguay offers full 360-degree view to drivers


In bustling cities we rarely get a chance to admire the beauty of nature around us. But architect Rafael Viñoly wants people to slow down and enjoy gorgeous view of landscape. So, Viñoly has constructed a ring-shaped Laguna Garzon Bridge that stretches across a lagoon on Uruguay’s southern coast. Replacing a raft crossing that connects the cities of Rocha and Maldonado, the concrete circular structure lies in middle of the water on cylindrical piles.

Japanese company designs wearable chair for surgeons

Archiles wearable chair by Nitto

Wearable technology is making our lives much more comfortable by each passing day. There are wearables that help us organize our work, socialize with our friends and keep track of our health. Well, how about a wearable for those who have to be on their feet during most part of their working hours? Yokohama-based mould factory Nitto have just done that by developing a wearable chair. Christened Archelis (which means “walkable chair” in Japanese), the innovative wearable has been specifically designed for people in medical field such as surgeons and doctors.

Virgin Holidays brings safari treehouse to London’s South Bank

African-inspired Treehouse by Virgin Holidays

Ever dreamed of living in a Safari treehouse that too in a big city like London? If yes, then your dream has actually come true. Virgin Holidays has brought the refreshing feel of South African jungle straight to London’s South Bank, where you can see a luxury safari treehouse overlooking river Thames. Inspired by the Lion Sands Game Reserve accommodation in South Africa, the treehouse, resting on two tree trunks, is a temporary installation for promoting travel to South Africa.

Loon Copter dives underwater as comfortably as it soars in the sky

Loon Copter Amphibious Drone

We’ve have seen various drones so far; some that can fly high in the sky and others are able to float or submerge underwater. But this amphibious drone called Loon Copter is designed to serve all purposes. Designed by a team of engineers lead by scientist Dr. Osamah Rawashdeh at Oakland University, the drone is able to float on water, or submerge underwater as comfortably as it can soar in mid-air.

Surprise your geeky valentine with sci-fi Star Wars bouquets

Star Wars Bouquets fo Valentine's Day

Fanatics, who are still high on Star Wars: The Force Awaken, can celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day with their favorite characters from the franchise. ThinkGeek has unveiled a collection of Star Wars bouquets for anyone who is tired of gifting and receiving sweet confections and flowers on every Valentine’s. But this year you may surprise your geeky loved ones with these adorable bouquets embellished with plush Star Wars characters.

Red Bull Air Force performs 8 extreme aerial disciplines in one running sequence [Video]

RBAF performs 8 extreme aerial disciplines

If you love extreme sports such as Base Jumping and Skydiving, you’re here for a treat. Well, not just that, we have eight heart-pounding action packed aerial disciplines in one continuous sequence for you here today. Red Bull Air Force (RBAF), an elite sports team of highly-skilled and experienced aviation experts have come up with their dream project. Led by Jon DeVore, manager of the Red Bull Air Force, the team has created a massive sequence that shows every air sports discipline they perform on the RBAF team.

Best of NAMM 2016: 7 coolest gears for passionate musicians

Best of NAMM 2016 7 coolest gears for passionate musicians

Every year, many established as well as new brands of musical instruments come up with latest audio products and music-related apps, combining technology with music. All these high-tech and superior quality products are display at the annual trade show, which is produced by the Carlsbad-based National Association of Music Merchants.

NAMM 2016: Fender unveils In-Ear Monitor Series for musicians

NAMM 2016 Fender In-Ear Monitor Series

Fender is renowned for its high-quality guitars and amps used by musicians from different genres. But the guitar giant has now entered into the world of headphones as well. At NAMM 2016, the company has unveiled its first ever In-Ear Monitor Series that’s intended for audio professionals. If you’re not familiar with in-ear monitors, let us enlighten you that these are music equipments usually worn by musicians while recording in the studio or on stage. The monitors allow the musicians to hear the backing track as well as metronome tick during shows or events.

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