Mousy Volkswagen T6 transformed into versatile mobile home

Volkswagen T6 Camper Nils Holger Moormann

Combining minimalism and luxury, German designer Nils Holger Moormann has redesigned a mousy Volkswagen T6 transporter van into a comfortable, stripped down mobile home. This minimalist home is outfitted with natural and high quality materials, providing you a comfy place to stay on-the-go. If you think the exterior looks too ordinary, wait till you step inside.

Street-legal replica of Captain Nemo’s limousine is on eBay

Captain Nemo's street-legal car replica on eBay

Remember Captain Nemo’s (Naseeruddin Shah) car from ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, an adventure film released in 2003? Well, how about a street-legal replica of that one-of-a-kind 6-wheeled convertible? Yes, here is a golden chance for automotive collectors from around the world to own hand-made replica of the car from Sean Connery movie. Dubbed, “The Spirit of Nemo, the car is up for sale on eBay with current bidding standing at US $48,100. All hand fabricated and fully inspected, the six wheeled roadster is street legal in all 50 states in the United States.

Auto-inspired B.R.M. Art-Car watches imitate colors of life

Auto-inspired B.R.M. ‘Art Car’ watches

There is no doubt that men are gear heads, who love cars and like to brag about their high-end vehicles. But what if you could wrap around the love of cars around your wrist? That’s exactly has been made possible by colorful car-inspired B.R.M. Art-Car watches. For men with colorful taste, France’s Bernard Richards Manufacture (B.R.M.) has designed the vibrant collection of watches that’s designed to imitate colors of life.

Glifo writing tools let disabled children express their creativity


In collaboration with TOG and Open Dot Milano, a collaborative team has created Glifo writing tools to let disabled children express their creativity. Due to nervous system related impairments, affected children often face trouble in minute movements of hands while writing or drawing. But all thanks to these new colorful writing instruments, made using 3D printing technologies, these kids can freely write and draw.

Best of Baselworld 2016: Our picks of 10 finest timepieces

Best of Baselworld 2016 Our picks of 10 top watches

Once a year the entire watch industry comes together at Baselworld to unveil finest luxury timepieces for fashion fads around the world. This year, the largest watch show kicked off in Switzerland last week with the launch of various high-end watches from different renowned watch brands. Pushing the limits of style and engineering, the latest watch pieces feature stunning dials with smooth mechanical movement.

Ravi Zupa turns old typewriters into steampunk machine guns

Ravi Zupa Typewriter Machine Guns

What comes to your mind when you think about machine guns? Probably, you start thinking about war and destruction. But Denver artist Ravi Zupa wants to showcase guns in different light- as artistic masterpieces. The 38-year-old artist disassembles old manual and pre-electric typewriters and turn the recycled parts into steampunk machine guns, which resemble weapons from World War II.

5 unforeseen shades of Holi you never thought existed

5 unforeseen shades of Holi you never thought existed

Holi (also known as, Holaka or Phagwa) is Indian festival of colors. Fire is burnt on the eve of Holi, which signifies the destruction of all evils. The very next day people draped in white smear each other with brightly colored powder, as well as colored water. Disregarding social norms, people of different caste, color, race, sex, or social status come together and indulge themselves happily in general merrymaking.

Smeg FAB28 Refrigerator meets Dolce & Gabbana’s high fashion

Dolce & Gabbana and Smeg FAB28 refrigerator

Smeg, leading Italian home appliance manufacturer, is widely known for its retro, funky fridges. But now the renowned manufacturer is taking retro chic refrigerators to a whole new level of cool with the latest FAB28 refrigerator. Designed by renowned fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, the non-traditional design beautifully merges refrigeration with high-end fashion.

Oombrella: Cloud-connected weather forecasting umbrella


Could you point out some of the problems with conventional umbrellas? Well, it often collapses in high wind, it can be left at a table in some restaurant you last went, and the most common one is that you often get caught without one when it’s really needed. Not anymore- as here enters Oombrella, could-connected umbrella that forecasts weather and also reminds you to take it with you if it’s supposed to rain.

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