$4.5M Cabot Guns’ Big Bang Pistol set crafted from meteorite

Meteorite pistol set from Cabot Guns

For 4.5 billion years, Gibeon meteorite flew through the vast space of our universe. Its remains discovered by pre-historic man in sub-Saharan Africa were used to make weapons. Now after centuries, a 35kg chunk of the cosmic rock has been crafted and turned into Cabot Guns’ Big Bang Pistol set. The set consists of two intergalactic guns that are crafted out of iron-nickel alloy, all thanks to a 77-pound chunk that has been smelted into beautiful metallic firearms.

Man quits job to convert old van into solar-powered mobile home

Zack Both’s mobile home

Former filmmaker, 23-year-old Zach Both quit his job after months of daydreaming about a nomadic lifestyle. To pursue his dream, Zach has converted an old van into a cozy solar-powered mobile home. He bought the 2003 Chevy Express van for $4000 on Craigslist in August 2014, and spent total $15,000 to convert it into his dream caravan, which is installed with solar panels for off-grid living.

Dread folding laundry? FoldiMate makes the task easier for you


If you hate the annoying task of folding laundry and always pass it on to some other family member, then have a look at this miraculous laundry-folding appliance called FoldiMate. It is almost the size of a washer and meant to be placed on top of a washer or dryer. Once your clothes are washed and dried, you have to clip them onto this machine for neatly folding them.

Parents can test out baby’s ride in this adult-sized stroller

Kolcraft Adult-sized Stroller

Parents obviously want to provide all the comfort of the world to their little ones. That’s the reason why they always test everything – from talcum powder and baby food to toys, before offering to their infants. But one thing they surely cannot test is the stroller ride because of it’s tiny structure. However the stroller brand Kolcraft has created an adult-sized stroller that lets parents experience the ride before purchasing it.

Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle by Airbus APWorks

Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle

From 3D printed guitars to 3D printed bikes, 3D printing technology is taking the world by storm. But that’s not all, now brace yourself for the world’s first 3D printed motorcycle called Light Rider. Created by Airbus subsidiary APWorks, the Light Rider looks like an electric bicycle and supported by web-shaped aluminum structure. As the name indicates, body of the electric motorcycle is lightweight and weighs just 35 kilograms (77 pounds), which is much less than its potential rider.

Champagne Cuvée Roger Daltrey honors The Who’s 50th anniversary

Champagne Cuvée Roger Daltrey

We have shown you metal bands such as Metallica and Opeth come up with their own signature beer in the past. As these offering are nothing less than a souvenir to metal fans, it has become a popular trend among various rock bands and artists   to launch their own signature booze. Taking this trend forward, the latest rockstar to join this league is Roger Daltrey, founder and frontman of the legendary British rock band The Who. Daltrey is launching his own limited edition Champagne to honor band’s 50th anniversary.

Limited edition Grand Bohemian piano boasts elegance of peacock

Limited edition Grand Bohemian piano

In collaboration with entrepreneur Richard Kessler and international artist Franco Castelluccio, Austrian piano manufacturer Bösendorfer has created one-of-a-kind Grand Bohemian piano that’s named after Grand Bohemian boutique hotels. The musical instrument is not only as grand as the series of exquisite hotels, but is a true statement piece inspired by beauty and elegance of peacocks.

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