Japan’s invisible train camouflage into surrounding landscape

Japan's Invisible Train by Kazuyo Sejima for Seibu Group

Japan has already created speedy bullet trains that move so fast that one cannot see them while moving. But the all-new Invisible Train by award-winning architect Kazuyo Sejima (recipient of the Pritzker, i.e. Nobel Prize of architecture) is meant to camouflage into surrounding, when it’s speeding across Japanese countryside. The commuter train uses semi-reflective and semi-transparent materials that create illusion of invisibility whether the train is standing still or moving.

Reconfigure shape of Lift-Bit digital sofa via your smartphone

Lift-Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti

World is going gaga over modular and flexible furniture designs, as these are the most versatile units for a limited space apartment. But international design firm Carlo Ratti has taken the idea of modular furnishing to whole new level with Lift-Bit digital sofa. It is the world’s first internet-connected sofa that can be rearranged into different configuration using a smartphone app.

Makoto Azuma turns Ape scooter into pop-up flower shop for Fendi

Makoto Azuma Fendi Flower Shop

Floral artist Makoto Azuma has converted three-wheeled Piaggio Ape scooter into a beautiful pop-up flower shop for Italian luxury house Fendi. Originally designed by the inventor of Vespa, Ape scooter was created especially for the struggling class of post-war Italy. However, now this vintage-styled vehicle is refurbished into a floral shop that’s temporarily installed in Ginza flagship store.

Suunto unveils new traverse alpha watches for fishing and hunting

Suunto Traverse Alpha watches

Suunto, Finland-based Watch Company known to manufacture sports watches, Heart rate monitors and smart wearables for avid travelers has come up with their new product. The company has added two new traverse alpha watches to the Suunto traverse product family. Specifically developed for fishing and hunting, the two models combine rugged design with a dependent set of unique outdoor features. Dubbed Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth and Alpha Foliage, these outdoor watches are among the very few that are designed exclusively for fishermen and hunters.

Moleskine smart writing set digitizes note-taking and sketching

Moleskine smart writing set

While most people today prefer to take down notes on digital devices, some still prefer hand written notes. If you’re one of those who like to pen down their thoughts or important business details, then the latest Smart Writing Set from Moleskine is just for you. This is an intelligent device that lets users combine the best of both analog and digital note-taking.

Levi’s teams with Aquafil for sustainable jeans line

Levi’s teams with Aquafil for sustainable jeans line

Levi Strauss & Co., American clothing company is one of those brands that really care for our planet and is doing something for it. Whether it is about finding new ways to reduce energy or recycle water and waste material, Levi’s is always trying to minimize its impact on the planet. We have seen Levi’s eco-friendly denim line made out of recycled plastic bottles and food trays in the past. Now, the clothing manufacturer is taking another step towards environmental sustainability by unveiling its new sustainable jeans line made from old fishing nets and discarded carpets.

Sazae Radio: BayFM creates radio from seashells

Sazae Radio by BayFM

Seashells are beautiful and also are surrounded by a common myth that if one holds it to one’s ear, sound of the ocean can be heard. However, it is the noise of the surrounding environment which gets reflected from many hard curved surfaces of a seashell. Well, this popular myth has given inspiration to BayFM78, a Japanese radio station based in Chiba City, Japan. BayFM has created a limited edition radio that’s built into an actual seashell. As insane it might sound, these seashell radios will give people a genuine reason to hold them next to their ears.

The Rolling Stones teams with Globe-Trotter for a capsule collection

Globe-Trotter and Rolling Stones capsule collection

Exhibitionism, first international exhibition on English rock band The Rolling Stones is currently taking place at Saatchi Gallery on London’s King’s Road. Over 550 rare and original Rolling Stones objects providing insight into the band’s fascinating fifty year history will be on display at exhibition which will run till 4 September, 2016. Rolling Stones have collaborated with many brands, artists and designers for the event. One such brand is British luggage brand Globe-Trotter which has teamed up with the rock n roll band to release a capsule collection of Rolling Stones luggage.

Julia The Woodroadster: A fully-functional wooden car by Peter Szabo

Julia The Woodroadster by Peter Szabo

We love wooden vehicles here and are always delighted to feature them whenever we get a chance. Few days back we showed you the Toyota Setsuna concept vehicle crafted from Japanese wood. Today also, we are bringing you a wooden car that’s fully functional and is built by a Romanian auto enthusiast. Named Julia The Woodroadster, the wooden car is built by Peter Szabo, from Corunca, Romania. This art car was first unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show back in September 2015.

HP Spectre 13.3 in gold-plated & diamond-encrusted versions

HP Spectre 13.3 in gold-plated & diamond-encrusted versions

Recently at New York Times International Luxury Conference in Versailles, HP has unveiled the impossibly slim HP Spectre 13.3 laptop. According to the company, it is the world’s thinnest laptop measuring just 10.4mm thick (that’s even thinner than the Apple MacBook Air). The sleekest laptop features CNC machined aluminum chassis, giving it an impeccable aesthetic appeal. Although the laptop already look stylish, but what makes it even more interesting is that it’s also available in limited edition gold-plated and diamond-encrusted versions.

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