World’s largest bird sculpture in India’s Jatayu Nature Park

World's Largest Bird Sculpture in Jatayu Nature Park

Located at Chadayamangalam village in the Kollam district of Kerala, India, the picturesque rock-themed Jatayu Nature Park houses the world’s largest bird sculpture. The nature park is named after Jatayu, the valiant God of the Hindus in the form of a huge bird, which is known for bravery in the Epic Ramayana. According to the locals, the mythical bird had fallen from the sky at the exact place where the National park is being constructed.

Patrick Schmidt converts school bus into motorhome to travel across America

Patrick Schmidt converts school bus into motorhome

If travelling is your life’s ultimate goal, we have an ideal inspiration for you that’ll motivate you to live the dream of your life. Patrick Schmidt, who goes by Skoolielove, has converted a school bus into a motorhome to travel and explore America. The travel story started when Schmidt bought a 1990 School Bus, nicknamed Big Blue at the beginning of March for 4,500 USD in Long Beach California. After picking the bus, he went to his parents’ house in Vegas and started converting it into a tiny motor home at the beginning of May.

10 budget-friendly holiday destinations in the world for 2016

10 budget-friendly holiday destinations in the world for 2016

Holiday season is in full swing, so you must be looking forward to have a great time with family and friends. How about a stress-free family trip to an exotic destination? Well, there’s a lot to consider when you’re budgeting for a holiday, as no one wants to spend money like water on a single trip. Don’t worry, there are some beautiful places that you can travel without emptying your wallet.

App-connected CityHub hotel for today’s net-savvy travelers

CityHub Hotel

Unlike typical tourists with a map, nowadays you can see travelers carrying a smartphone to find out various places to explore and also for searching a comfortable accommodation. Plus, they don’t want to lose internet connectivity at any cost- even within the comfort of their hotel room. However, some hotels charge extra for internet access and if one opts for a hostel that means compromising with their privacy. That’s why CityHub Hotel is introduced in Amsterdam to combine privacy of a hotel and affordability of a hostel.

SoelCat 12 electric yacht runs totally under the power of sun

SoelCat 12 Solar-powered Yacht

Most of us dream of living a life filled with utmost luxuries like massive mansions, expensive super cars and of course, traveling through oceans on a luxury yacht. But all these fantasies seem pretty unrealistic, right? Not anymore, as Netherlands-based company Soel Yachts has teamed up with Naval DC to created the SoelCat 12 solar electric catamaran that aims completely at affordable ecotourism. So with this amazing solar-powered mini yacht, experiencing vacations above water won’t be limited to just the wealthy.

11 most unusual themed hotels in the world

Most unusual themed hotels in the world

Holiday season is just around the corner and you might have already started making travelling plans with your loved ones. Well, if this time around you are looking for an unusual and different kind of experience, we have some cool options for you. Instead of spending your holidays in a luxury suite of a traditional hotel, why not try to indulge in a totally different experience altogether. Here we have compiled a list of most unusual themed hotels in the world that can definitely turn your usual travelling plan into a once in a life time experience.  Choose one destination from the given below cool hotels for this holiday season and get ready for a roller coaster ride.

Tentsile Flite combines comfort of swing bed with protective tent

Tentsile Flite Tree Tent

Although camping is a great option to unwind, but sleeping on uneven rocky ground surrounded by creepy-crawlies often turns people off to camping. Don’t worry, you can relax and catch up on your sleep in mid-air with floating tents by UK-based firm Tentsile. The company is renowned for combining comfort of swing beds with protective conventional tents, offering ultimate off-the-ground camping experience. However, this time they have unveiled their most portable and lightweight tree tent in form of Tentsile Flite.

Gray Design unveils Kraken Superyacht Concept

Kraken Superyacht Concept by Gray Design

After unveiling the 105m Fairwei Superyacht couple of months back, Sweden-based award winning international design studio Gray Design is back with their latest yacht concept. Dubbed The Kraken, the 75-metre mega yacht concept is a lighthearted design study exploring the limits of yacht design. Inspired from their own Vapour GT supercar concept which Gray design produced last year, the luxury yacht comes with an 18-metre beam and can reach a top speed of 35 knots. Boasting the same paint job as the supercar, the both concepts create a matching set of extreme vehicles for both land and sea.

Cyclists can fully enjoy their trips with the Wide Path Camper

Wide Path Camper

Cyclists out on long trips are always worried about getting accommodations as they couldn’t carry all the necessary items with themselves. Well, Wide Path Camper, a Denmark-based company has a cool solution for all their camping needs. To improve the travelling experience of the cyclists, the company has designed a tiny trailer that can be towed by a bicycle. Referred as mobile tiny houses, the campers are designed to offer instant shelter from weather, dining space and a comfortable sleeping area.

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