Circular bridge in Uruguay offers full 360-degree view to drivers


In bustling cities we rarely get a chance to admire the beauty of nature around us. But architect Rafael Viñoly wants people to slow down and enjoy gorgeous view of landscape. So, Viñoly has constructed a ring-shaped Laguna Garzon Bridge that stretches across a lagoon on Uruguay’s southern coast. Replacing a raft crossing that connects the cities of Rocha and Maldonado, the concrete circular structure lies in middle of the water on cylindrical piles.

Virgin Holidays brings safari treehouse to London’s South Bank

African-inspired Treehouse by Virgin Holidays

Ever dreamed of living in a Safari treehouse that too in a big city like London? If yes, then your dream has actually come true. Virgin Holidays has brought the refreshing feel of South African jungle straight to London’s South Bank, where you can see a luxury safari treehouse overlooking river Thames. Inspired by the Lion Sands Game Reserve accommodation in South Africa, the treehouse, resting on two tree trunks, is a temporary installation for promoting travel to South Africa.

$1,500 Life Pod is an affordable mobile home for adventure trips

Life Pod by Michael R Weekes

Well, if you are among those who can’t afford mobile home such as the $500,000 EarthRoamer XV-LTS, we have a much reasonably priced option for you. Michael Weekes, Buffalo, New York-based designer of 21st century affordable tiny homes is offering a $1,500 dome-shaped home perfect for your adventure trip. Named Life Pod, this dream home on wheels is an ideal getaway for people looking for a break from their daily boring routine. The 112-square-foot mobile home suitable for residential use comes with 100 square feet of living space and offers all the basic amenities.

Lighting-proof Bolt Tent ensures safety during thunderstorms

Lighting-proof Bolt Tent by Kama Jania

Lighting strikes fear into the hearts of many people, and chances of being struck by thunderbolt increase when you’re outdoors. Although getting struck by lighting is not frequent, but deaths and injuries due to storm are very common. Mostly campers have to deal with such harsh weather conditions. But not anymore, as industrial designer Kama Jania has created protective lighting-proof Bolt Tent to shield your adventure from thunderstorms.

Airstream teams up with Pendleton for limited edition travel trailer

Pendleton National Park Foundation Airstream

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, Airstream, Ohio-based manufacturer of luxury RVs has unveiled 100 all-new, limited edition travel trailers. The all new mobile home model was introduced during a private event at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City on Thursday.  Airstream collaborated with Pendleton Woolen Mills, Portland-based textile manufacturing company to create the Limited Edition 2016 Pendleton National Park Foundation Airstream Travel Trailer.

Skyacht One brings the luxury of oceangoing yacht to private jet

Skyacht One by Embraer Executive Jets

Luxury sea yachts and private jets are from two different worlds. But Embraer Executive Jets has teamed up with SottoDesign Studios to combine the best of both worlds in form of splendid Skyacht One private jet. The renowned jet company has brilliantly transformed its Lineage 1000E into ultra-custom private jet that offers the comfort of oceangoing yacht to filthy rich flyers.

National Geographic: Best travel photos taken in 2015

National Geographic Best Travel Photos 2015

Recently, National Geographic has published its Photo of the Day roundup, which features some of the best travel photos taken in 2015. From Skaters on Lake Baikal, Russia to night fishermen in Japan, this year’s roundup includes some of the breathtaking destinations in the world. Criteria for ‘Photo of the Day’ is to upload any classic, quirky or some story telling image, and best out of those will be picked indirectly by users like you.

Snow Peak Sky Nest tent lets you enjoy great outdoors off the ground

Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent

Tents are not land-bound anymore, there are various off the ground suspended shelters that are taking camping to new heights. Now Japanese firm Snow Peak is also raising their tents up in the trees with latest Sky Nest. It is a suspended hammock-like tent for a comfortable sleep while floating in mid air. This outdoor refuge is certainly designed to offer a fresh new way to explore wilderness without leaving your comfy sack.

10 fabulous last-minute Christmas gifts for travel buffs

10 fabulous last-minute Christmas gifts for travel buffs

Holiday shopping is in full swing, but did you miss shopping for avid travelers in your life? Don’t worry check out these ten last-minute Christmas gift ideas that are fully geared toward frequent jetsetters. Travelers are often bogged with things that are not required in their luggage, however these practical presents will occupy minimum space in the bag and surely enhance adventuring.

The wait is finally over! EcoCapsule is taking preorders now


If you’ve been desperately waiting for the availability of this egg-shaped, self-sustaining EcoCaspsule, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s finally available for pre-orders. Yes, you read that right. Developed by Slovakia-based Nice Architects, the solar-powered and wind-powered portable housing offers complete off-grid living to traveling enthusiasts, no matter where they go. But if you really want to get your hands on this high-tech mobile home, better act now as the first run consists of only 50 pods.

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