MIT teams up with New Balance for bacteria-powered shirt

MIT teams up with New Balance for bacteria-powered shirt

Beyond wristbands and fitness trackers, wearable technology is making strong progress in the field of fashion and clothing as well. A couple of months back we showed you the Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech shirt equipped with sensors that examine real-time biometric data, including heart rate, stress levels, breathing and calories burned. Well, now researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group have come up with a living bacteria-powered shirt that morphs when you sweat.

Too drunk to drive? ePint smart beer mug can call you a cab

ePint smart beer mug

Do you drink beer like a fish at parties? So much that often someone else has to drop you back home? Well, we agree that it’s not possible to count your drinks when you are out with friends. So forget the calculations and leave all your mind work on the ePint smart beer mug. This beer mug literally has a mind, as it’s equipped with a smart technology that tracks your drinks and even calls you a cab if you’re too drunk to drive.

Power-laced Nike Mag shoes from Back to the Future II are now real

Power-laced Nike Mag shoes form Back to the Future II

On Wednesday, US celebrated ‘Back to the Future Day’ to pay homage to the 1989’s classic time-traveling series. In contribution to the sci-fi-themed holiday, Nike unveiled the realistic self-lacing sneakers that originally appeared in second film from the trilogy- Back to the Future II. In the 80’s cult fictional movie Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly showed us a glimpse how futuristic shoes would look on October 21st, 2015

Panasonic reveals Laundroid, world’s first laundry folding robot

Laundry folding robot by Panasonic

One of the most unlikable household chores for a large number of people around the world is folding laundry. Well, looks like Panasonic along with few other Japanese technology companies have come to our rescue. These brands have come together to create the world’s first laundry folding robot named ‘the Laundroid’ which can wash, dry and fold clothes for you. With an aim to bring robotics technology to our daily life, the device is created by Panasonic in collaboration with Seven Dreamers Laboratories and Japan’s largest homebuilder Daiwa House.

Sponge Suit: 3D printed wearable can remove ocean pollution

Sponge Suit absorbs ocean pollution

Ladies going out for swimming now can make a positive contribution towards the betterment of our environment. They’ll just have to wear an innovative and hi-tech swimsuit which will remove pollution from the oceans while they enjoy the swimming experience. Called Sponge Suit, the 3D-printed swimwear manufactured using 3D printing and nano-scale clean-tech material research is environmentally proactive and economically sustainable. It is designed to transform the swimming experience into an eco-friendly activity and save our oceans from pollution.

Fashionable Eyecatcher smart wearable comes with an always-on 5-inch display

Eyecatcher wearable by Looksee Labs

Digital generation of today prefer fashion accessories with a touch of technology to it. As the trend of flaunting wearables is on a high, lots of companies are introducing fashionable and hi-tech wristbands /smart bracelets in the market. One such firm is the Looksee Labs which has unveiled a smart wearable that blends art, fashion and technology into one. Christened Eyecatcher, the unique bracelet comes with an always-on 5-inch E-ink display that can present custom images, slideshows, app-notifications and breaking news.

WorldBeing wristband: A wearable that tracks personal carbon footprint

WorldBeing wristband by Benjamin Hubert

As wearable technology is growing by leaps and bounds, hi-tech and unique wearables designed to make our life better are coming up every day. Health tracking wearables have become pretty common nowadays, so how about one that tracks your personal carbon consumption? Benjamin Hubert, London-based designer and his studio Layer Design have collaborated with Carbon Trust, a British environmental consultancy to design a wearable device that’ll track your carbon usage. Named WorldBeing, the wristband is made from recycled e-waste and features a low-power e-ink display.

Sony unveils world’s first 4K display smartphone at IFA 2015

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium at IFA 2015

IFA, world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances is about to kick-off in Berlin from September 4, 2015. However, the press conferences have already started from today, which is how we are able to bring you the major announcement of the day. Sony, Japanese mobile phone manufacturing company has unveiled the world’s first 4K smartphone at the tech event. Called Xperia Z5 Premium, the smartphone comes with 5.5-inch 4K “Ultra HD” screen having a 3,840 x 2,160px resolution, which is four times the resolution of Full HD. It has a pixel density of 806 pixels per inch (ppi) so that you can enjoy crystal clear 4K videos on YouTube and Netflix.

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