SuitX Phoenix exoskeleton helps paraplegics regain mobility

SuitX Phoenix Exoskeleton

Wearable exoskeletons are not new to the world, as most of them are aimed at helping physically disabled walk again. But these robotic designs tend to be very expensive that offering them commercially is not quite feasible. So, with the aim to provide something fairly affordable to public, California-based robotics company SuitX has developed a modular wearable exoskeleton for restoring mobility to paraplegics and permanently paralyzed for US $40,000.

TU Delft teams with MX3D to develop 3D printed Arc Bicycle

3D Printed Arc Bicycle by TU Delft

MX3D, an innovative Amsterdam-based startup has teamed up with a group of students at the Delft University of Technology to create a 3D-printed stainless steel bicycle. Known for groundbreaking robotic 3D print technology, MX3D came into limelight few months back with their plan to build a 3D printed stainless steel bridge in Amsterdam by 2017. To demonstrate their pioneering technology, MX3D invited TU Delft students to create something using it which resulted in 3D printing a stainless steel frame for the Arc Bicycle.

Japanese company designs wearable chair for surgeons

Archiles wearable chair by Nitto

Wearable technology is making our lives much more comfortable by each passing day. There are wearables that help us organize our work, socialize with our friends and keep track of our health. Well, how about a wearable for those who have to be on their feet during most part of their working hours? Yokohama-based mould factory Nitto have just done that by developing a wearable chair. Christened Archelis (which means “walkable chair” in Japanese), the innovative wearable has been specifically designed for people in medical field such as surgeons and doctors.

NUA Robotics’ smart suitcase automatically follows you around

NUA Robotics Suitcase follows you around

Tired of rolling a heavy luggage during your journey? To relieve your traveling woes, Israeli robotics company NUA Robotics has created a smart solution in form of hand-free suitcase that automatically follows the user wherever he/she goes. The carry-on suitcase uses Bluetooth technology to synchronize with a companion smartphone app, which further helps it to locate the user and follow along.

CES 2016: iLi wearable translator works without Wi-Fi or 3G/4G

iLi Wearable Translator CES 2016

Sometimes language can be the biggest barrier for avid travelers, especially when they cannot communicate with local people in a particular region. Obviously, we live in the world of internet that can easily translate few words or sentences. But what if there is no internet access around you? Here enters the iLi, a wearable device that can translate different languages in few seconds and that too without using WiFi, 3G or 4G connections.

CES 2016: LG rollable OLED display folds like a piece of paper

CES 2016 LG rollable OLED display

Just imagine you could roll up digital screens like a piece of paper and relocate it anywhere in your house. Sounds too convenient, right? Well, LG has actually brought this game-changing, roll-up technology into its latest OLED display that will be unveiled at CES this week. South Korean tech giant has already showcased this flexible display technology with its G Flex line of phones, but a super-thin 18-inch screen that can be rolled up like a newspaper is truly incredible.

Boncho: Vanmoof unveils fully-body bike poncho

Boncho by Vanmoof

Bike riding is all fun and good unless it starts raining. Also, raincoats and ponchos available on the market don’t provide full protection as arms and legs of the riders remains exposed to the rain. Thus, to offer full body protection to bike riders in rain, Vanmoof, an Amsterdam-based Cycling company has designed a creative and stylish wearable tent. Named Boncho, this full-body bike poncho perfectly covers riders’ bodies from head to toe when riding in the rain.

World’s first 3D printed miniature orchestra by my3Dtwin

World's first 3D-printed miniature orchestra by my3Dtwin

No need to call booking agent when you need an orchestra for any event. Now, you can just print it out. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to 3D printing technology, London-based studio my3Dtwin has created the world’s first 3D printed miniature orchestra. To design the complete orchestra, the studio took pictures of professional musicians playing their instruments in 360-degree photo booth. Further, these images were beautifully converted into the tiniest three-dimensional models.

Aerodrome is building world’s first commercial droneport in Nevada

Aerodrome Announces World's First Commercial Droneport

Aerodrome has teamed up with City of Boulder City, Nevada to build the world’s first commercial droneport. Yes, a commercial port for drones! Already broken ground, the 50-acre droneport located approximately 28 miles from the Las Vegas Strip will provide education and certification for commercial drone pilots. It will also offer support for recreational users and drone racers. Currently operational, the permanent and fully funded droneport has the full support and approval of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

I See Exoskeleton: ic! Berlin launches new series of 3D printed eyeglasses

I See Exoskeleton eyewear collection by ic! Berlin

ic! Berlin, German manufacturer of high-end, handcrafted eyewear has unveiled their second series of 3D printed eyeglasses. Producing screwless glasses since 1996, a patented hinge design is utilized which makes the construction of their frames very simple avoiding use of any screws, welds or glue. Dubbed ‘I See Exoskeleton’, the light and flexible collection of sunglasses and corrective-lens glasses is made from the polyamide 3D printing material known as plotic using the SLS 3D printing technology.

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