Sculptor Dengding Rui Yao unveils world’s largest redwood sculpture in China

world's largest redwood sculpture by Dengding Rui Yao

One major source of unusual and offbeat stories for us has been the land of China. From 12-meter tall Bumblebee to a wooden electric car, once in a while, China offers us a cool and entertaining story that we have to share it with you. Today also, we are bringing you an interesting story. The Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan, Hubei Province has become the center stage these days as the world’s largest redwood sculpture has been installed there. Created by Dengding Rui Yao, a well-known sculptor, the huge lion sculpture is carved from a single redwood tree trunk.

Mom creates knitted doppelganger of her son to cuddle up with

Mom creates knitted doppelganger of her son to cuddle up with

There comes a time in every parents’ life when their little babies, who needed them from feeding to clothing, grow up and reach an age where they’re becoming more independent and getting involved with their friends. Rather than spending some time or cuddling up with you, your kid starts getting more social media with friends. What to do in such situation? Well, a mother and textile designer Marieke Voorsluijs, who was facing the same problem, has created a knitted doppelganger of her son to solve the issue.

Lian Li launches yacht-themed PC case

PC-Y6 Yacht themed case from Lian Li

Lian Li, Taiwanese computer case and accessories manufacturer has unveiled their latest PC case and it is designed to look like a superyacht. Known to build unconventional PC cases, Lian Li introduced the yacht-themed chassis at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Dubbed PC-Y6, the PC case carries on the legacy of company’s PC-CK101 Train themed case which was launched back in 2012. The 2016 yacht themed aluminum chassis is a limited edition of 500 units and will be available in silver and white color options.

Artist Jeff Klarin gives unusual makeover to outdated tech gadgets

Future Fossils by Jeff Klarin

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds with hi-tech gadgets and services being launched every day. Last week, as we were busy with CES 2016 where hundreds of new products were launched, I was struck with a strange thought that how quickly new technology is changing our lifestyle. Also, how our latest acquired gadgets goes out of fashion in just couple of months. Well, to keep us reminiscent with this fact, Artist Jeff Klarin has created a distinctive collection of sculptures that includes outdated tech gadgets which were loved and used by people in the past.

SP-1 Crazy Rider: Azimuth unveils motorcycle-inspired timepiece

Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider Watch

Well, this one is for die hard motorcycle lovers and admirers of Swiss watchmaking and craftsmanship. Azimuth Watches, Biel, Switzerland-based manufacturer of avant-garde and complicated timepieces have unveiled their latest watch. Christened SP-1 Crazy Rider, the design of the mechanical watch is inspired from motorcycles. Shape like the engine of a motorcycle, the unique timepiece pays homage to Easy Rider, a 1969 American road movie starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.

Chinese farmer plans to turn homemade Boeing 737 into diner

Chinese farmer plans to turn homemade Boeing 737 into diner

Wang Lin, 61-year-old Chinese farmer, has successfully managed to build a stunning homemade replica of Boeing 737 airplane shell in Henan Province. Lin led a team of farmworkers to construct the complete structure that measures about 115-feet long with a wingspan of 125-feet. However, he doesn’t want to fly it but instead plans to turn it into a restaurant.

Animal Selfie King: Allan Dixon clicks funny snapshots with animals

Allan Dixon- animal selfie king with quokka

While I am still struggling to take a clear selfie with my dog, this guy is taking perfect selfies with different species of animals from around the globe. Allan Dixon, a 29-year-old traveler from Dublin, Ireland is the real-life Dr. Dolittle who besides walking and talking with animals also clicks striking Selfies with them. Currently living in Australia, Allan works in the tourism industry and has a special connection with animals.

Lexus NX comes with a set of wheels carved from solid ice

Lexus NX Ice Wheels

Driving in snow is a tricky task, as poor tires cannot grip on icy road. But what if the car wheels are literally frozen? Well, Lexus NX actually comes fitted with crossover wheels that are made out of solid blocks of ice. Yes, you read that right. These glowing ice wheels not only hold the car up, but are fully-functional and the SUV would be able to drive on them.

Most iconic Lego sneakers by Tom Yoo are up for sale

Lego sneakers by Tom Yoo are up for sale

If you want to witness creative side of sneakers culture, then you must check out these iconic plastic kicks in brick-form. Young artist Tom Yoo is well-known for his ingenious takes on some of the popular shoe brands that are given complete Lego makeover. The imaginative maker has formed a series of 10 Lego art sculptures that consists of most celebrated shoe releases over the years, including Nike Air Mag, Air Jordan and Air Yeezy 2.

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