Hungarian guy builds a fully functional wooden chopper

Motorcycle enthusiasts like me surely will love and admire this homemade Wooden Chopper made by a passionate motorcycle lover from Hungary named Istvan Puskas. The 52 year old guy is an agricultural machine expert and a tractor driver from Tiszaros which is situated 161 kilometers east of Budapest. His Wooden motorcycle has grabbed lots of attention when it was unveiled recently after a two year hard work and dedication that has gone into this creation.

This one of a kind Chopper is a fully functional machine which is powered by an old Fiat engine and is made entirely out of black locust wood.

A cool Transformer wine rack made from old car parts

The movie transformers inspired lots of geek heads out there to try and make their own robots. From the time since the movie released we have seen lots of robots being made, but the one we are showing you is made to perform a completely different task and that is to hold your precious bottle of wines. Yes this 1,000 pounds and six-foot tall Transformer robot is a wine rack indeed. The transformer wine rack is made from used transmission parts from cars and motorcycles and can hold up to 32 bottles of wine.

Amazing bike parts sculptures by David Zimberoff for World Bicycle Relief

Innovation knows no boundaries and we have seen numerous artists that have proved it time and again with their art and design. One such guy is SRAM’s Global Marketing Director and Industrial designer David Zimberoff who himself loves creative artwork.  His SRAM pART PROJECT is one way he has find to show his passion for art by creating sculptures made from bike parts and also has used this amazing creativity and beautiful artistic artwork for a good cause by raising money for World Bicycle Relief.

Oregon man turns a Boeing 727 into his dream home

Airplanes are often seen in the sky, on the runway or in the hangars, but it is a very rare scene when we found them parked at someone’s garden.  Bruce Campbell an electrical engineer from Oregon is one such guy who is having his personal Boeing 727-200 in his backyard which serves as an amazing and unique home to him.

His project started about a decade ago when he bought a worn 1969 Olympic Airways Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 and then spent $100,000 more to turn it into his living place.

Dirt Showdown PC case mod truly compliments your hot rod love

It surely looks like an alien device at first sight but the picture to your left is actually a car themed PC case mod “MAYHEM” aka Dirt Showdown PC which is inspired by Codemasters’ new DIRT spin-off racing game which is specially built for AMD Giveaway on facebook. The PC case mod is built by modifying the Artic White Define R3 mid tower by the Fractal-Design. The Dirt Showdown PC is powered by an AMD 8-core FX-8150 3.6GHz processor and comes with Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 for better resolution.

iXoost docking station comes with an exhaust of a supercar

If you have ever dreamed of owning something that combines your passion for supercars and your love for audio systems, I think your wish has just come true. Artist and designer Matteo Panini and Micro Pecorari are the people behind this innovative design as they have created a unique docking station for iPhones and iPods which is equipped with exhaust manifold of a supercar. The name of this out of the world docking station is iXoost which comes from the English pronunciation of the word exhaust and it is hand crafted by the local craftsmen in Modena.

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