Champagne Cuvée Roger Daltrey honors The Who’s 50th anniversary

Champagne Cuvée Roger Daltrey

We have shown you metal bands such as Metallica and Opeth come up with their own signature beer in the past. As these offering are nothing less than a souvenir to metal fans, it has become a popular trend among various rock bands and artists   to launch their own signature booze. Taking this trend forward, the latest rockstar to join this league is Roger Daltrey, founder and frontman of the legendary British rock band The Who. Daltrey is launching his own limited edition Champagne to honor band’s 50th anniversary.

Limited edition Grand Bohemian piano boasts elegance of peacock

Limited edition Grand Bohemian piano

In collaboration with entrepreneur Richard Kessler and international artist Franco Castelluccio, Austrian piano manufacturer Bösendorfer has created one-of-a-kind Grand Bohemian piano that’s named after Grand Bohemian boutique hotels. The musical instrument is not only as grand as the series of exquisite hotels, but is a true statement piece inspired by beauty and elegance of peacocks.

Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 speaker with improved sound quality


With 40-plus years experience in sound engineering, Bowers and Wilkins surely knows how to create impactful high-end audio systems. Audiophiles have been constantly witnessing their impeccable sound systems for years now. It’s not a secret that their 800 Series Diamond has gained widespread acclaim from audiophiles from all around the world. But now the company has started from the scratch for its new 800 DS3 Diamond speaker and aims at reaching new heights with the release of this upgraded speaker system.

Goldvish Eclipse: Swiss brand unveils handmade luxury smartphone

Goldvish Eclipse smartphone

Goldvish Geneve, Switzerland-based specialists in creating high quality, handmade phones and accessories have come up with their new handmade smartphone. Dubbed Goldvish Eclipse, the luxury smartphone is designed from scratch by the Swiss brand’s design team. Each Goldvish Eclipse is handmade by experienced craftsmen and is made from the finest materials available. Starting at €6,800, the Eclipse smartphone is available in a limited number of styles selected by Goldvish design team. Additional styles and exclusive designs will be introduced later this year.

Rolls Royce rolls out Wraith Luggage Collection for affluent travelers

The Wraith Luggage Collection from Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce, renowned British car-manufacturing company is complementing its fastest and most powerful car, the Rolls Royce Wraith in its own luxurious style. The brand has introduced the Wraith Luggage Collection which consists of six stylish pieces that comprises two Grand Tourer valises, three Long Weekender bags and one Garment Carrier. The collection is designed to be housed in the luggage compartment of a Rolls Royce Wraith. Each piece of the set is carefully considered to reflect the unparalleled design aesthetics of Rolls Royce motor cars.

Bugatti unveils luxury furniture collection at Salone del Mobile 2016

Buggati home collection at 2016 Milan Furniture Fair

Bugatti, French car manufacturer of high-performance automobiles recently unveiled its new home collection at the 2016 Milan Furniture Fair. The collection has drawn inspiration from Bugatti Chiron, the most powerful and fastest production super sports car in the world. Manufactured by high-end furniture makers Luxury Living Group, the Bugatti home collection is an exclusive range of luxury home and executive furniture. Just like brands cars, the frames of the furniture collection are crafted from carbon fiber. Also, high quality glass, steel and leather as found in Chiron’s cabin is used to embellish the luxury pieces.

Star Trek pinball coffee table comes with real meteorites

Shuttle interactive coffee table by Altar Furniture

Altar Furniture, Budapest-based bespoke luxury furniture company founded back in 2013 is a specialist in creating pinball coffee tables. Last year, the company grabbed some attention for its R2-D2 coffee table based on a 1991 Star Wars pinball game.Well, here is another masterpiece by Altar targeted to star fans in the form of the Shuttle interactive coffee table. A one-of-a-kind collectible for any Star Trek fan, the shuttle pinball coffee table actually features an original Star Trek pinball playfield. It was manufactured and sold by Data East in 1991.

Xtenders unveils 9.3m custom limousine tender

Xtender 9.3 custom limousine by Xtenders

Xtenders, Almere, Netherlands-based Superyacht tender builder has unveiled their latest 9.3m custom limousine. Truly reflecting the custom nature of superyacht industry, the custom tender combines all the advantages of a luxurious limousine and an open day boat. The Xtender 9.3 is designed by Denis Popov, company’s head of design and is built for an 83.5 m Feadship yacht. Weighing only 3200 kg, the 9.3m limousine tender is made entirely out of pre-impregnated carbon fiber. The lightweight design allows for a single engine with bow thruster set-up that enables it to reach a top speed of 39 knots.

HP Spectre 13.3 in gold-plated & diamond-encrusted versions

HP Spectre 13.3 in gold-plated & diamond-encrusted versions

Recently at New York Times International Luxury Conference in Versailles, HP has unveiled the impossibly slim HP Spectre 13.3 laptop. According to the company, it is the world’s thinnest laptop measuring just 10.4mm thick (that’s even thinner than the Apple MacBook Air). The sleekest laptop features CNC machined aluminum chassis, giving it an impeccable aesthetic appeal. Although the laptop already look stylish, but what makes it even more interesting is that it’s also available in limited edition gold-plated and diamond-encrusted versions.

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