Damac’s Ettore 971 villas are built around Bugatti sports car

ETTORE 971 Bugatti-styled villas by Damac

Taking contemporary interior design to next level, Dubai-based real estate developer Damac has constructed world’s first Bugatti-themed homes, which will be launched during Cityscape Global Exhibition in Dubai. The limited edition collection entitled as ETTORE 971 Bugatti-styled villas will be located in 55 million-square feet Akoya Oxygen master development, overlooking Tiger Woods-designed Trump World Golf Club, Dubai.

Ping Pong Table made from century old reclaimed railroad steel and timber

Ping Pong Table from Rail Yard Studios

Rail yard Studios is a Nashville-based custom furniture manufacturing company that creates unique and exciting products from century old reclaimed railroad steel and hardwood. Rail Yard Studios was founded by Robert Hendrick who is the brain behind most of the company’s creations. Click-Clack Table Tennis Table is latest offering of the studio which along with offering you and your family a fun gaming time also shares legacy and history of railroading.

Hit the road with all new Gidget Retro Teardrop camper

Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper

If you are planning a long road trip this summer, here is an awesome solution that’ll make all your packing worries go away. Gidget, Australian-based manufacturer of innovative spacious campers with contemporary features have released their latest caravanning solution in the form of Gidget Retro Teardrop camper. Reinventing the classic Teardrop campers of the 1930s which grew in popularity until the mid 1960s, Gidget have packed their new camper with modern amenities. Despite all the modification, makers of the camper have tried to keep the original look of a classic retro teardrop intact.

Hudōr Faucet: Contactless Audi-inspired faucet keeps bacteria at bay

Audi-inspired Faucet by Fraser Leid

Do you often wash your hands and think you’re absolutely hygienic? Well, you are not! This is because your hands unintentionally get infected by bacteria, when you turn off the tap after cleansing. However, to keep germ at bay designer Fraser Leid has created a stunning contactless faucet dubbed Hudōr Faucet. This eye-catching faucet is inspired by Audi and comes in the same ring-shaped design.
At first glance, the ring-like spigot seems to be an attractive towel ring, but on getting closer you’ll find out it’s a futuristic hands-free water fixture, boasting renowned Audi logo. The touch-free faucet features a motion detector, a replaceable liquid soap dispenser and a bacteria disinfectant black light to ensure proper hygiene of the user.

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