A $2 million dollar Batcave inspired custom home theater is a real Batman fan fantasy

Elite Home Theater Seating, a Canada based company is constructing a cool $2 million dollar Batcave inspired custom home theater for a customer which is due to be completed in November.

This Dark knight themed home theater is being constructed at 12,000 square foot private home in Greenwich, U.S.A and also includes a Batmobile and batsuits.

Beautiful Mermaid Speakers by Audiowood

Take a look at the latest Mermaid speakers by Audiowood that will surely make you fall in love with them. These beautiful floorstanding satellite speakers are constructed from solid non-endangered woods and are handmade in USA.

They are equipped with 3″ Audience A3 full-range drivers which are extremely fast with no crossovers. The overdriving of the drivers is prevented by a complete sealed design and the unit is wired with gold plated binding posts and Audience Ohno cast copper wire.

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