Play like a pro! Rio 2016 Olympic Infinity Ping Pong Table

Rio 2016 Olympic Infinity Ping Pong Table

Table tennis is a tough game that requires quick instincts and refelxes. But if you are already an expert in the game, then why to settle for an ordinary ping pong table? Instead get your hands on the exclusive gaming table that has been designed especially for Rio 2016 Olympics champions. No Kidding! The standardized Rio 2016 Olympic Infinity Ping Pong Table by Shinichi Sumikawa can be yours for $15,000.

Sit on Everything: Cube seats look like anything you can imagine

Sit on Everything Furniture by Benj&Soto

Forget boring chairs, and say hello to playful ‘Sit on Everything’ cube-shaped seats. These soft foam sitting blocks are photo-finished to look like just about anything – be it a watermelon, wood block, stack of money or real 24-karat golf leaf cube. Belgian Designers Benj&Soto have created these realistic-looking poufs out of soft foam that’s further treated with layers of FiberCoatings.

Fernando Mastrangelo Drift furniture encapsulates melting glaciers

Fernando Mastrangelo Drift furniture

We all are aware about melting glaciers all over the world and how the rate of melting is speeding up every year. While researchers are trying to find ways to reduce glacier meltdown, there’s this Brooklyn-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo, who has beautifully encapsulated melting glaciers in his all-new Drift furniture collection. Comprising several sculptural pieces, the furniture collection draws inspiration from natural landscape such as Grand Canyon and Patagonia.

Aeropods by DappR Aviation are made from recycled aircraft fuselage

Aeropods by DappR Aviation

DappR Aviation is a home décor firm which is dedicated to create aviation-inspired offices, spaces and furniture. The company builds furniture, garden building, cool dens and outside buildings from recycled aircraft parts. Started by David Palmer, an aviation enthusiast and a committed recycler, DappR’s mission is to recycle, reuse and upcycle aircraft to 100% with no landfill. Their products include aviation furniture, chairs, desks, art for home, coffee tables, lights and many more. Well, the most cool and eye-catching product is the unique and multi-use Aeropod.

Heat & Glo Palazzo fireplace adds unparallel style to outdoors

Heat & Glo Palazzo fireplace

Want to bring life and contemporary style to your dull patio? Have a look at the stylish Palazzo fireplace by Heat & Glo. Featuring clean and liner design, the fireplace has been designed to add modern touch to any outdoor space. To prevent dirt and debris from entering the fireplace, industry-first Power Screen is installed, and the screen can even disappear remotely, when not in use. Moreover, its tempered glass wind guard also keeps flames full constantly.

Bugatti unveils luxury furniture collection at Salone del Mobile 2016

Buggati home collection at 2016 Milan Furniture Fair

Bugatti, French car manufacturer of high-performance automobiles recently unveiled its new home collection at the 2016 Milan Furniture Fair. The collection has drawn inspiration from Bugatti Chiron, the most powerful and fastest production super sports car in the world. Manufactured by high-end furniture makers Luxury Living Group, the Bugatti home collection is an exclusive range of luxury home and executive furniture. Just like brands cars, the frames of the furniture collection are crafted from carbon fiber. Also, high quality glass, steel and leather as found in Chiron’s cabin is used to embellish the luxury pieces.

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