CES 2016: B&O BeoSound 35 all-in-one speaker for audio aristocrats

CES 2016 B&O BeoSound

Bang & Olufsen is renowned for its opulent high-tech audio systems. Keeping its legacy alive and thriving, the Danish company has created another stylish speaker called BeoSound 35. Crafted by Torsten Valeur at David Lewis Designers, this new all-in-one multi-room music system comes with easy-to-use touch interface and also has integrated access to music and radio streaming services.

CES 2016: Kodak’s classic Super 8 film camera with analog-digital makeover

CES 2016 Kodak Super 8 film camera

While the Consumer Electronics Show is all about digitization and futuristic technology, Kodak is making everybody feel nostalgic with its classic Super 8 film camera. Announced at CES 2016, the Eastman company has given interesting analog-digital makeover to this retro camera with the help of industrial designer Yves Behar. Although the new eight-millimeter film camera still has its original features, but with a digital twist.

CES 2016: Ehang unwraps the world’s first human-carrying drone

CES 2016 Ehang unwraps the world’s first human-carrying drone

Nowadays drones are capable of doing almost everything from carrying your delivery boxes to diffusing bombs. But have you ever imagined to sit on a drone and travel from one place to another? Well, Chinese drone-maker Ehang has not only envisioned a drone to easily fit any human passenger, but also unwrapped a prototype of the first autonomous drone to fly humans. So, it’s more like a personal car drone.

CES 2016: Royole-X foldable VR headset for watching movies on the go

CES 2016 Royole-X foldable VR headset

Royole Corporation is showcasing its latest Royole-X Smart Mobile Theater at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. It is the world’s first foldable mobile theater in form of a virtual reality headset that provides immersive gaming and cinematic movie-watching experiences wherever desired. The best thing is that you don’t require extensive, discomforting components while watching movies on-the-go.

CES 2016: LG rollable OLED display folds like a piece of paper

CES 2016 LG rollable OLED display

Just imagine you could roll up digital screens like a piece of paper and relocate it anywhere in your house. Sounds too convenient, right? Well, LG has actually brought this game-changing, roll-up technology into its latest OLED display that will be unveiled at CES this week. South Korean tech giant has already showcased this flexible display technology with its G Flex line of phones, but a super-thin 18-inch screen that can be rolled up like a newspaper is truly incredible.

Levitating Lightsaber fountain pen will drain your bank account

Levitating Lightsaber fountain pen

You may have heard the proverb, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” But you’ll be astonished to know that the powerful writing instrument has also become costlier than a car. Yes, you read that right. Celebrating the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, French luxury house S.T. Dupont has created the high-end levitating fountain pen inspired by Yoda’s lightsaber, and its priced at whopping £16,625 (approx. US $25,000).

CES 2016: Samsung family hub fridge with 21.5-inch full HD monitor

CES 2016 Samsung family hub fridge with 21.5-inch full HD monitor

Samsung is known for introducing strangely practical electronics, be it the Swarovski crystals-studded Galaxy Note 3 or futuristic ring speakers. Now, the Korean tech giant is all set to launch its another mind-blowing product in the form of a refrigerator that is outfitted with a huge touch screen display. Entitled as the Family Hub refrigerator, the all-new appliance is all decked up with high-tech features such as 21.5-inch 1080p display on its door, speakers for listening to music and cameras equipped inside to watch food expire in real-time.

CES 2016: LG unveils HDR-enabled Super 4K UHD TV lineup

CES 2016 LG unveils HDR-enabled Super 4K UHD TV lineup

When it comes to high-tech UHD TVs, LG always keep experimenting with new technology for superior content and visual quality. This year at CES 2016, South Korean tech giant will be launching its premium HDR-enabled Super 4K UHD TV series. The brand new lineup is integrated with LG’s most advanced LCD/LED picture quality ever. Besides the flat ultra slim design, these television sets are even integrated with upgrades like HDR Plus, Color Prime enhancement and webOS 3.0 smart platform.

Axis Vidius: World’s smallest FPV drone soars up to 100-feet away

Axis Vidius World's Smallest FPV Drone

Aviation enthusiasts can make the most of their time flying the all-new Axis Vidius drone by UAV company Axis Drones. It is the world’s smallest first-person-view (FPC) drone, which is designed to stream live videos and snap photos from the pilot’s viewpoint. Measuring only 1.7 inches wide and standing just under an inch tall, the Vidius is equipped with high quality camera that captures at 420p during flight and flies up to 100-feet away.

CES 2016: LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headsets can be worn around neck

CES 2016 LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headsets

While everyone is in celebration mood to welcome the new year, electronic companies are working hard to showcase their new products at CES 2016 next month. At the upcoming electronics show, LG will be launching its latest LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headsets: HBS-910 and HBS-900. The fashion-forward headsets are lightweight and can be comfortably worn around the neck, just like a piece of jewelry.

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