“Double” telepresence robot by Double Robotics

Now you don’t have to carry you iPad while you go somewhere, instead it will accompany you itself. Thanks to California based Double Robotics who has produced a revolutionary and creative Segway like looking telepresence robot.

Christened as Double, the 7kg telepresence robot uses couple of iPads: one of which is mounted on a motorized stand and sits on a self-balancing base and the other one becomes the remote control.

Magico unveils the S1 loudspeaker

Manufacturer of high-fidelity loudspeakers, Magico has unveiled their latest and most affordable loudspeaker yet, the S1 which is the younger sibling of their well known S5 loudspeaker.

The inspiration of the design is taken from MINI, Magico’s first commercial loudspeaker which was launched back in 2004 setting a benchmark for the company to be among one of the best loudspeaker manufacturers in the world.

Mini Hi-Fi system by Philips comes with dual rotating docks

Philips has unveiled a Mini Hi-Fi System with dual rotating docks that will make you party harder and surely will keep you on your feet all night long.

This crazy and cool looking Philips FWP3200D 300W Mini Hi-Fi System is capable of playing and charging your iPod/iPhone and from the music library you can try your hands on mixing and scratching of the tunes. This portable DJ controller features shining lights that makes you dance to the rhythm of the songs and bring in more fun and excitement.

Kuratas human controlled robot can be yours for $1.35 million

Who won’t like to pilot a huge giant human controlled robot and that too by sitting in his chest? Really sounds cool!

A team of skilled engineers from a Japanese electronics company, Suidobashi Heavy Industry has created a Human controlled robot Kuratas which was unveiled at Wonder Fest 2012 and which stands 13 feet tall and weighs around 9,920 pounds.

The Kuratas is having a humanoid upper body and four huge insect-like legs with wheels. Its chest is designed to seat one person and it pivots above the waist and is having a fully-articulated arm on either side.

Beautiful Mermaid Speakers by Audiowood

Take a look at the latest Mermaid speakers by Audiowood that will surely make you fall in love with them. These beautiful floorstanding satellite speakers are constructed from solid non-endangered woods and are handmade in USA.

They are equipped with 3″ Audience A3 full-range drivers which are extremely fast with no crossovers. The overdriving of the drivers is prevented by a complete sealed design and the unit is wired with gold plated binding posts and Audience Ohno cast copper wire.

Ferrari 458 inspired Motorola i867 smartphone lands in Brazil

For those who loves Ferrari cars, Motorola has introduced a new Android based phone which is inspired from Ferrari 458 and will be available from Nextel, Brazil.

The Motorola i867 Ferrari Edition comes with a shining Ferrari 458 supercar inspired red back cover and features a 3MP Camera with 4X zoom. The Motorola Mobility smartphone is equipped with 3.1 inches touchscreen having a maximum resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, Bluetooth 2.1, SWYPE touch screen display, Wi Fi, expandable memory up to 32GB and Push to Talk.

The TonSchrein iPad Dock by Georg Dinkel

There are lots of iPad docks out there that will impress you with their design and great looks, but the “TonSchrein” iPad speaker dock by a Bavarian based photographer Georg Dinkel is something that you will find absurd and weird to be an iPad dock. Rather it looks like an art piece designed for a European king.

“TonSchrein” which means “Sound Shrine” in English is made out of polymer clay coated and is with metallic paint. It functions as a normal iPad dock and is equipped with a 2.1 speaker sound system.

The Sound Garden Turntable by Audiowood

Take a look at this beautiful piece of art by Audiowood which combines a turntable and a planter into one thing. Isn’t it cool? The Sound Garden turntable brings you your favorite music along with the fragrance of nature as the planter is designed to grow orchids, Bonsai and other small plants depending on light conditions.

The turntable is made out of sustainable bamboo and paste wax and polyurethane has been used for the finishing.

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