3 mind-blowing galactic creations for Star Wars fanatics

3 mind-blowing galactic creations for Star Wars fanatics

Tomorrow is the day we all have been waiting for so long. It’s ‘December 18,’ when the most awaited sci-fi film Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to be released all over the world. However in anticipation of this iconic movie, many designers have been coming up with amazing Star Wars-inspired creations. These gimmicks are not only reminiscent of the popular characters from the space opera franchise, but functional at the same time.

Givori’s diamond-studded Calypso iPhone 6S range for well-heeled

Givori diamond-studded Calypso iPhone 6S

Luxury smartphone accessorisor Givori is offering consumers a chance to dazzle up their opulent lifestyle with its latest diamond-studded Calypso iPhone 6S range. Inspired by mystical sea creatures, the blinged-out collection includes three models: Malachite, Mother of Pearl and the Limited Edition Calypso Diamond. All three models feature patterns of fish scales, but there are a few differences in their individual styles.

I See Exoskeleton: ic! Berlin launches new series of 3D printed eyeglasses

I See Exoskeleton eyewear collection by ic! Berlin

ic! Berlin, German manufacturer of high-end, handcrafted eyewear has unveiled their second series of 3D printed eyeglasses. Producing screwless glasses since 1996, a patented hinge design is utilized which makes the construction of their frames very simple avoiding use of any screws, welds or glue. Dubbed ‘I See Exoskeleton’, the light and flexible collection of sunglasses and corrective-lens glasses is made from the polyamide 3D printing material known as plotic using the SLS 3D printing technology.

Montblanc Great Characters Edition pens dedicated to Andy Warhol

Montblanc Great Characters Edition pens Andy Warhol

Montblanc, renowned for its premier writing instruments, has recently unveiled its Great Characters Edition pens that are designed to pay tribute to the ‘father of pop art,’ Andy Warhol. Even after decades since his death, Warhol still remains the icon- who brought ‘high art’ and ‘commercial art’ together. Inspired by his unforgettable Campbell’s soup work, the luxury pen maker has created the stunning three piece collection that celebrates and pays tribute to the legendary artist.

10 head-to-toe wearable gadgets for tech enthusiasts in your life

10 head-to-toe wearable gadgets for tech enthusiasts in your life

We live in the era of technology, where people can dress up in wearable gadgets to keep track on their routine habits that are often neglected due to hectic work life. From wristbands that connect to your smartphone to shirts that keep tab on your heart rate, it has been very clear that the tech world is slowly blending with the fashion industry.

Digno Rafre: KDDI teams up with Kyocera for world’s first soap-proof smartphone

Digno Rafre- world’s first soap-proof smartphone

We all want to keep our smartphone clean and shiny. However, as it is prone to all kind of dirt and filth, keeping it clean is a tricky job. On the other hand, besides wiping it with a dry cloth and protecting it with a smart cover, there are no alternate methods of keeping a smartphone clean. Well, Japanese telecom operator KDDI and Kyocera have teamed to change that as they have released the world’s first smartphone that can be washed with soap and water. Named Digno Rafre, the soap-proof smartphone is all set to make its debut in Japan next week.

$60,000 Nokia Ozo 360-degree camera will take VR world by storm

Nokia Ozo VR 360-degree camera

Nokia is already through with their mobile phones, but the company has quickly reinvented itself and entered into the world of virtual reality with its high-end Ozo camera. It is a technologically advanced spherical camera that’s designed to capture 360-degree of both audio and video recordings. The ultimate goal of this camera is to capture virtual reality experiences in real time, but it comes with the eye-watering price tag of about $60,000, along with $5,000 down payment up front, whereas the shipping will start sometime in Q1 2016.

Lampster: Tech enthusiasts creates the coolest lamp ever

Lampster-Coolest lamp ever

Table lambs we normally use in our homes often present a quite boring appearance. Thus, deep down we all wish for a cool table lamp that can be proudly exhibited as a decorative piece. Well, looks like our wish is about to come true as Radu & Andrew, a creative team of free thinking designers and tech enthusiasts have built the coolest lamp ever. Designed as a toy robot posing like a superhero, the custom built lamp comes with its own attitude and a shape that reflects power and confidence. Dubbed Lampster, the customizable robo lamp features 2 LED light sources; A RGB controlled by mobile and a clear one controlled by touch.

Eco-friendly WeWood watches offer a stylish way to go natural

Wooden Timepieces by WeWood Watches

While some people love flaunting luxurious and sophisticated timepieces, these WeWood watches are only targeting customers who are concerned about the impact that these time-tellers would have on the planet. WeWood watches express environmental care not just by creating artistic timepieces using recycled wooden scraps, but also intend to protect natural forests.

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