Valentine’s Day 2016: Seven most enviable celebrity couples

Valentine’s Day 2016 Seven most enviable celebrity couples

The world is already dipped in the ocean of love, as it’s February 14- the day of every romantic. From fresh bouquets of roses, heart-shaped chocolates to greeting cards with love-filled messages, people are pouring their heart out and openly declaring of how much they love their partner. The air of love is even flowing in Hollywood, and some of the famed celebrity couples are making the occasion even more special.

Auto Expo 2016: Five green vehicles for the streets of India

Auto Expo 2016 Five green vehicles for the streets of India

Auto Expo 2016– India’s biggest auto show began this week in New Delhi, where nearly 1,500 automotive companies unveiled their best vehicles that designed as per upcoming trends and consumer preferences. Talking of Delhi and neighboring cities of India, the major concern is the rising levels of air pollution. To solve the problem to some extent, few automobile manufacturers have come up with their eco-friendly electric and hybrid vehicles that cause minimum to zero impact on environment.

15 tree-hugging buildings that playfully embrace the trunk

15 tree-hugging buildings that playfully embrace the trunk

Over the years humans have chopped down countless number of tress to build luxury residential or commercial properties. As a result, nature is now suffering with global warming due to deforestation. Deforestation also leads to reduced amount of water in the soil and air that further declines biodiversity. So, instead of cutting the trees why don’t we work with nature, instead of working against it? There are few clever architects who have come up with a brilliant solution in form of arboreal architecture to preserve natural forests while providing luxury living to homeowners.

Top ten 2016 resolutions and how they’ll make your life better

Top ten 2016 resolutions

With 2016 only a couple of days away, millions are considering their new year’s resolutions and hoping to follow them for as long as possible. Well, like every year, it’s normal to assume that very few will be able to actually keep up their pledges by the end of 2016. So, if you are one of those who find it difficult to keep their new year’s resolution for more than few weeks, we are here to motivate you. We have compiled a list of top ten resolutions for 2016 and how following them will transform your life.

National Geographic: Best travel photos taken in 2015

National Geographic Best Travel Photos 2015

Recently, National Geographic has published its Photo of the Day roundup, which features some of the best travel photos taken in 2015. From Skaters on Lake Baikal, Russia to night fishermen in Japan, this year’s roundup includes some of the breathtaking destinations in the world. Criteria for ‘Photo of the Day’ is to upload any classic, quirky or some story telling image, and best out of those will be picked indirectly by users like you.

15 adorable cats exploring painstakingly decorated Christmas trees

15 adorable cats exploring painstakingly decorated Christmas trees

Cats are the most adorable source of entertainment on the Internet, and now here are some mischievous felines trying to explore and wreck painstakingly decorated Christmas trees. Celebrating the festive holiday havoc, these naughty bundles of fur have become wild and unstoppable destroyers. This is because they absolutely love ornaments and tinsel, so a Christmas tree is perfect for climbing and thwacking around playfully.

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