Work from home with the MOSS Prefab Office by Victor Vetterlein

Most of us hate our daily commute to the office. Traffic jams, bad weather, pollution and many other factors adds so much stress and tension.

Realizing this American designer Victor Vetterlein has designed innovative and Eco friendly prefabricated home office units called MOSS (Micro Office Systems Space). Companies can either buy or lease these prefab offices to be installed in the backyards, gardens or roofs of their employees so they can work from their home.

Casa i-Home in Madrid can be controlled by an iPad or iPhone

With technology becoming an integral part of life, the role of smart phones is increasing in our daily routine. Few days back we showed you a smartphone controlled toilet and today we are bringing you a house that is controlled by an iPad or iPhone. Yes you heard it right!

The Casa i-home situated in La Morajela district, Madrid, Spain is a luxurious modern home which is designed keeping the generation next in mind.

Shipping container Sauna Box by Castor Designs

Here is a conventional wood-burning sauna that will provide you an ultimate relaxing experience anywhere. Designed by Canada based firm Castor design, the Sauna Box is built into a shipping container and includes materials such as western red cedar, steel and insulation.

Equipped with rooftop solar panels for providing power for music and lights and a wood-burning stove, the portable Sauna Box is completely self sufficient and can be installed anywhere.

Darth Vader Upcycled Mask is made from old computer parts

Gabriel Dishaw, an Indiana based artist has given his passion for the Star Wars and one of the most evil villains of all time Darth Vader a different meaning by creating an artistic and one-of-a-kind Darth Vader helmet by using upcycled materials.

The Darth Vader Helmet by Gabriel Dishaw is made out of recycled objects found from typewriters, adding machines and old computers. The artist use items which are no longer of any use and after dissembling these items, he reassembles them to create his cool art work.

Solar powered bonsai tree charger by Vivien Muller

Taking inspiration from nature itself, French designer Vivien Muller has created a solar powered bonsai tree that not only will sit as a beautiful and unique showpiece on your coffee table but also will charge your phone.

Christened as ‘The Electree+’, this solar-powered device is equipped with 27 miniature silicon solar panels just like the leaves of a tree and can be adjusted by the user according to his style to create a tree of his own.

Artist creates metal dogs from recycled bike parts

A dog is a man’s best friend. However if you don’t go along with dogs quite well, then the metal dogs are definitely for you. Israel-based Artist and former fashion designer Nirit Levav creates beautiful sculptures of dogs using recycled bike chains and other discarded bike parts.

The collection is called “HOW WOW” which features different variety of dogs created using recycled bicycle chains, pedals, gears and bike seats also. The artist got inspiration from the material itself which she combined with her love for dogs to make these creative creatures.

Welcome a sparrow beside your window with the APA Shelter for Birds

We live in a concrete jungle now and are getting more and more far away from nature. However, sometimes a surprise visit from a bird near our window surely delights us and makes us feel close to the nature.

A similar unexpected visit by a sparrow outside the window of a Portuguese designer Luís Porém inspired him to create the APA Shelter for Birds. This temporary shelter welcomes the passing birds who are looking for some rest or a safe place during a storm or heavy rain.

Mechanical insects made from recycled watch parts and light bulbs

A Chicago-based jeweler who has always been attracted to mechanical things since his childhood has created an incredible series of miniature mechanical insects from discarded watch parts and light bulbs.

JM Gershenson-Gates use to disassemble his toys when he was a kid very rarely putting them back together appropriately. His childhood passion has been his inspiration for creating amazing jewelry from dismantled parts of discarded watches which he collects from all over the world.

20 percent plastic bottle in the new Levi’s Jeans

American clothing company Levi Strauss & Co. has taken one more step in the sustainable development by introducing a new and eco-friendly denim line made out of recycled plastic bottles and food trays. Known as the Waste Less line, the clothing line is available for both men and women and each product includes at least 20% of post-consumer recycled content. According to Levi’s eight bottles (12 to 20-ounce) will be used for every jean.

TuboHotel offers £20 a night in concrete drain pipes

How about coming across a £20 a night hotel while you are travelling on a tight budget? Surely it will bring a big smile to your face. The TuboHotel located near village of Tepozltan, just outside of Mexico City is one such unique and Eco friendly hotel that will provide you cheap and comfortable accommodation.

Made out of recycled concrete storm drains pipes, The TuboHotel is designed by T3arc Architecture and was opened back in 2010 after a three month construction. Each room measures 2.44 meters in diameter and 3.5 meters in length and features a queen size bed, lights, free wireless internet, a fan, a glass window and curtains.

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