Larry Wong creates miniature robotic sculptures from recycled household items

Artists and designers see things a lot different than a normal being. What might look like waste material to us, an artist can use it as an important component for creating his artwork. We have shown you some fascinating creative work from different artists in the past such as mechanical insects by JM Gershenson-Gates and Cycle Critters artwork by Mike Schram. Today also, we are bringing to you beautiful artistic creations in the form of robotic sculptures that are made out of broken household electrical items. California photographer Larry Wong constructs electronic figures ranging from insects to drones using components from broken VCRs, hard drives, plugs, DVD drives and vacuum tubes.

Air Purifying bike for a greener future

Pedaling bicycle for our daily commute is the cleanest way of transportation. It controls pollution and keeps us physically well too. Lightfog – Creative & Design Company, a Bangkok based firm has taken this way of green travelling to another level by creating a new bike concept that not only limits pollution but also removes it.  The Air-purifier environment friendly bike purifies the polluted air while you pedal your way to office using an air filter.

Portable Solar powered Pavilion will juice up the new Volvo V60

Los Angeles based synthesis design + architecture along with Buro Happold, Fabric Images and Volvo Car Italia has developed a portable solar-powered pavilion for the new Volvo’s V60 electric vehicle.

Winner of this year’s Switch to Pure Volvo Pavilion Design competition, The Pure Tension Volvo V60 Pavilion provides shelter like a conventional pavilion and also acts as a power source for the electric vehicle.

An egg shaped floating work place launched in UK

The egg shaped wooden structure floating in the water pictured alongside is an energy efficient self-sustaining work space which has been designed especially for artist Stephen Turner. For a period of one year, the pod will be the artist’s residence where he will be studying the life of tidal creeks and threats of global warming and erosions.

Touted Exbury Egg, the floating work place located on the Exbury side of the Beaulieu River, UK is a collaborative project between PAD studio, the SPUD group and artist Stephen Turner.

Pope Francis will get a Pedal-powered Popemobile this summer

Environmental Transports Association has designed a pedal-powered Popemobile for the people’s pontiff, Pope Francis. Already known for using the public transport as much as possible, Pope Francis will be carrying the idea of previous Pontiff Pope Benedict of having an Eco friendly all electric vehicle.

The world’s first pedal-powered Popemobile is expected to cost £175,000, which is half the amount of the Pope’s current car. Besides it will be silent and have zero emissions.

Solar Umbrella offers you shade as well as charges your gadgets

The only thing that restricts us from all day of music, movies and other stuff on our smartphones, tablets and other gadgets while we are outdoors is the battery life of our devices.

However, I think we have a cool solution which comes in the form of a Market Umbrella. Besides providing shade from the sun, the Umbrella with four 10″ x 4 1/4″ solar panels woven into its 9′ diameter canopy converts sunlight into electricity which is retrieved via two USB ports in its pole.

Cool Electric Guitars made from Recycled Skateboard decks

Is it difficult for you to say bid adieu to your favorite skateboard when it gets old and beyond use? What if you can keep your old skateboard with yourself in the form of a cool electric guitar?  Yes you heard me right!

The team of Luthier Ezequiel Galasso from Argentina and professional skateboarder Gianfranco de Gennaro Gilmour came with an idea of transforming old and broken skateboard decks into amazing electric guitars. Like this, Skate Guitars came into existence.

PUMA launches InCycle,Collection of Biodegradable and Recyclable products

German sportswear manufacturer PUMA has introduced their latest “InCycle” collection. The products of this collection are either recyclable or biodegradable. It is the first closed-loop collection of the brand which includes footwear, apparel and accessories.

The Puma InCycle collection is Cradle to Cradle Certified and a great step by PUMA in its mission to become the most desirable and sustainable sport-lifestyle company. The “Bring Me Back” program of the company let user to return the product at the end of its life cycle reducing the environmental footprint of consumers too.

Cycle Critters made from recycled bike parts by Mike Schram

For Mike Schram, a Toronto based sculptor it all started with two kickstands which led to the creation of a small bird. Now just after a year of passionate work his discarded bike parts animal collection features more than 70 items.

Called Cycle Critters, this beautiful artwork is made entirely out of recycled bike parts. The 34-year-old sculptor who also works in films uses discarded bike seats, pedals, bike lights and inner tube for creating these art pieces. No glue or fastening material is used as all the parts are joined using inner tube and the break cables.

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