Mercedes and Garia unveils luxurious Golf Car

Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car

Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with Scandinavia-based golf cart manufacturer Garia to give a luxurious makeover to the traditional golf cart. The new defined automotive inspired Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car is referred as a “real sports car” by its makers. The two-seater ultra luxury Golf car reflects the unmistakable Mercedes-Benz automobile inspired design through its curves, sporty feel and futuristic look. Well, besides the modern design, the golf car comes with some hi-tech features such as carbon fiber roof, mini fridge and a touchscreen infotainment system.

Roewe RX5: Alibaba’s internet-connected car with its own OS


In collaboration with car manufacturer SAIC, Chinese internet giant Alibaba has released the world’s first internet car, Roewe RX5. The smart internet-connected car comes with its own operating system that’s especially built for automotive industry by Alibaba’s YunOS division. Due to its YunOS software, the car will be able to use Alibaba’s own e-commerce ecosystem, Alipay, for certain services like online payment for gas bills, parking spaces, as well as coffee shop bills.

Lego creates beach-ready classic 1960s Volkswagen Beetle

Lego VW Beetle

Designers at Lego have created another wonderful vehicle design. This time the company has unveiled the ultra-detailed kit for the classic 1960s Volkswagen Beetle that seems to be ready for a perfect beach day. Constructed out of 1,167 pieces, the iconic blue-colored Beetle model contains various features such as pop-up hood and truck, flip-down seats, and a removable roof to peep the steering wheel.

Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle by Airbus APWorks

Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle

From 3D printed guitars to 3D printed bikes, 3D printing technology is taking the world by storm. But that’s not all, now brace yourself for the world’s first 3D printed motorcycle called Light Rider. Created by Airbus subsidiary APWorks, the Light Rider looks like an electric bicycle and supported by web-shaped aluminum structure. As the name indicates, body of the electric motorcycle is lightweight and weighs just 35 kilograms (77 pounds), which is much less than its potential rider.

7 coolest Batmobiles that are worth more than batting an eye

7 coolest Batmobiles

Batman has always been the most favorite superhero of all generations since 1939 – the same year when Batmobile was also born. Although it was just a convertible red car back then, but over the years Batman’s car has undergone some major transformations from authentic high-speed version to custom fan-designed Batmobile. We’ve seen a slew of Batman-inspired vehicles – whether cars or motorcycles. But here are some of our all time favorite Batmobiles that any Dark Knight fan will be drooling to have.

Rolls Royce rolls out Wraith Luggage Collection for affluent travelers

The Wraith Luggage Collection from Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce, renowned British car-manufacturing company is complementing its fastest and most powerful car, the Rolls Royce Wraith in its own luxurious style. The brand has introduced the Wraith Luggage Collection which consists of six stylish pieces that comprises two Grand Tourer valises, three Long Weekender bags and one Garment Carrier. The collection is designed to be housed in the luggage compartment of a Rolls Royce Wraith. Each piece of the set is carefully considered to reflect the unparalleled design aesthetics of Rolls Royce motor cars.

Lego Technic unveils 2,704-piece Porsche 911 GT3 RS model

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Lego Model-3

If you don’t have whopping $175,000 to purchase the real Porsche 911 GT3 RS, don’t be disheartened – you can still get your hands on the its toy version by Lego Technic. In collaboration with Porsche AG, team of Lego has created a stunning Porsche 911 GT3 RS model that consists of exactly 2,704 Lego pieces. The replica comes in bright orange color and boasts realistic sleek aerodynamic lines, along with an adjustable spoiler.

BMW introduces Cruise M Bike for M2 Coupe lovers

BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition

German automaker BMW recently started the official sales of its all new M2 Coupe, the cheapest M car model priced around $53,000. To celebrate the launch of the sports car, the automaker has introduced a limited edition bicycle. Dubbed Cruise M Bike Limited Edition, the bicycle is inspired from BMW M2 and will be offered in Long Beach Blue metallic paint finish matching the official color of the M2 Coupe. As BMW is also celebrating the 60th anniversary of its bicycle business this year, the BMW Cruise M Bike is launched right on time to mark the historic achievement.

Julia The Woodroadster: A fully-functional wooden car by Peter Szabo

Julia The Woodroadster by Peter Szabo

We love wooden vehicles here and are always delighted to feature them whenever we get a chance. Few days back we showed you the Toyota Setsuna concept vehicle crafted from Japanese wood. Today also, we are bringing you a wooden car that’s fully functional and is built by a Romanian auto enthusiast. Named Julia The Woodroadster, the wooden car is built by Peter Szabo, from Corunca, Romania. This art car was first unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show back in September 2015.

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