Shopper Chopper shopping cart is powered by a V8 engine

A V8 engine powered shopping cart surely sounds crazy. However, we have got one for you. This 9 feet tall and 12 feet long, huge and powerful custom built shopping cart was originally created to advertise the Musser’s Market in a Quarryville, Pa. parade.

The name given to this hot rod shopping cart is Shopper Chopper hich can seat six people and weighs nearly 3,000 pounds. It is packed with 290 hp Chevrolet 350 turning drag slicks through a GM TH350 transmission and a Dodge 12-bolt rear axle.

Hungarian guy transforms an old bus into a cool workspace

Like many of you, I also think a bus is just a travelling convenience that takes us from one point to another. However, a Hungarian guy might not agree as he thinks a bit different from us. The guy has used his creativity and imagination to transform an old scrapped bus into a beautiful modern workspace. The front part of an old bus built by Hungarian bus manufacturers Ikarus has been used to create this modern office.

Fat Pig custom motorcycle by Rods&Rides comes with a 330mm front tire

Custom motorcycles with big rear tyres seem to be a very common trend these days. Looks like “Rods&Rides” a US based garage wants to change that trend as they have created the one and only 330mm front tire custom motorcycle in the world.

The bike is none other than a custom-built Harley-Davidson and is named the Fat Pig, which is just the perfect name for this beautiful beast.

A Life Sized Transformer robot by a Chinese guy

A man from Jinan, China has created his own unique version of a Transformer robot, and it is something we have never seen before. This Life Sized Transformer robot transforms into a functional car just by pressing a button.

After watching the first Transformers movie 4 years ago, the guy decided to make his own transformer robot and after spending US$11,000 and six months of work led to the completion of this life sized robot.

NEO-VOLT folding e-bike comes with great features

With some new exciting and innovative features here is the latest folding and compact e-bike from NEO known as the NEO-VOLT which is designed for BH BIKES.

This model also comes with removable battery like all the other models from NEO which makes it convenient to recharge it at home or at office. The 20″ NEO-VOLT comes with a 250watt motor and a durable battery which allows the bike to travel more than 90km on a single charge.

NMMU Solar car is ready for the South African Solar Challenge

Students from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University have built a solar powered car which will take part in the third South African Solar Challenge from September 18 to 29.Named Photon, this solar car is built in conjunction with Volkswagen SA and many other sponsors and it took about 18 months  to complete this vehicle. This five meter UFO like shaped solar car which is estimated to have cost about R2m was unveiled at NMMU on Monday.

Arnold’s $250,000 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Monster truck

The one and only Terminator, yes I am talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger has found a perfect vehicle for his on screen image. The 65 year old former governor of California was seen driving around Santa Monica in a huge Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG truck a few days back.

Arnold has bought a $250,000 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300 and looks like the former Mr. Olympia body-building champion is celebrating his long awaited return to acting by getting into the groove of his action image.

A functional full-size go-kart made completely of Lego bricks

We have seen lots of unique, cool and amazing creations made from Lego bricks. However they might be unique or cool in one way or another but all of them were not fully functional and also not 100% pure Lego made. But the life-size Lego build go-kart by a Dutch Lego fan Eric Steenstra is both: it is fully functional and is made entirely from Lego bricks. There is no use of metal supports or glue or anything else that can hold the machine together just Lego bricks.

TOTO’s Poo-Powered motorcycle is stinky cool

It’s weird looking, environment friendly and poo-powered too. We are talking about the “Toilet Bike Neo” a three-wheel green motorcycle which runs on bio-gas produced from livestock waste and sewage.

This funny looking 250cc bike has been created by Toto, Japan’s leading toilet manufacturing company and is termed as the world’s first waste-powered vehicle which can travel a distance of 300 kilometers on a single tank of animal waste.

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