Incredibly detailed life-like origami creations by Gonzalo Calvo

Life-like origami creations by Gonzalo Calvo

The best part about Japanese origami art is that you can create any admirable life-like object without even spending cash on it. You need nothing more than paper and regular glue to shape your creativity in form of distinct objects found near you. But Madrid-based origami enthusiast Gonzalo García Calvo has taken this art to next level by creating incredibly detailed origami illustrations from musical instruments to intense wild animals.

Bergdorf Goodman & Swarovski sparkle up Brilliant Holiday Windows

Bergdorf Goodman & Swarovski Brilliant Window Display 2015

Holiday season is swinging upon us and various retailers create artistic window displays to set their brand apart from the pack. To sparkle up the holiday season this year, New York’s popular retailer Bergdorf Goodman, renowned for its stunning window displays, has collaborated with Swarovski to showcase gorgeous crystal-studded Brilliant Holiday Windows 2015.

Lithosphere coffee table imitates concentric layers of earth

Lithosphere Coffee Table by Design Gallery Stuff of Matter and Studio deFORM

Modern furniture designs are opting sleek rock substances like marble to form sturdy yet sophisticated pieces of decor. Recently London-based Design Gallery Matter of Stuff has unveiled the chic Lithosphere Coffee Table, which interprets allied rock mysteries. Curated by architects MOS, minimalist design of the stunning table is the ultimate creation by Studio deFORM from London and Italian marble manufacturer Cianciullo Marmi.

Alison Moritsugu portrays hyper-realistic landscapes on salvaged wood

Alison Moritsugu hyper-realistic landscapes on salvaged wood

People from 18th and 19th centuries have actually seen the true beauty of American landscapes before industrialization. But with changing time, people chopped down trees to meet the needs of rapid modernization. However, New York-based artist Alison Moritsugu wants urban community to explore America’s real landscapes through her magnificent oil paintings on fallen logs.

Samsung teams up with Swarovski and Montblanc to create designer cases and covers

Montblanc case collection by Samsung

Samsung, South Korean Electronics Company has teamed up with Montblanc and Swarovski to create luxurious cases for the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5. Offering users more ways to express their style, Samsung keeps collaborating with various fashion designers and luxury brands once in a while to produce cool accessories for its gadgets. This is for the third time that Samsung is joining hands with Montblanc and the tech company has also worked with Swarovski in the past.

Rustic chic DIY cigar box guitar produces smoky sound

DIY cigar box guitar

Over the years, we’ve seen that musical instruments specially guitars are not limited to a specific shape or material. From skateboard decks to cigar boxes, there are numerous salvaged materials that can be used to create these rocking beasts. This time we came across another gorgeous guitar that’s handmade out of nothing but an old cigar box, giving it a rustic chic appeal.

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