Justice League superheroes as Indian mythological characters

Justice League India by Anurag Halder

It’s hard to deny that Justice League Comic-Con feels no less than any religious experience for some. Sounds too mythological, but few people around the world literally worship their favorite superheroes. So, how about Justice League superheroes as Indian mythological characters? Well, that’s exactly what Indian artist Anurag Halder has visioned and illustrated in his latest artwork.

Enam Bosokah creates photorealistic portraits using ballpoint pen

Enam Bosokah Ballpoint Pen Portraits

The exquisite photorealistic portraits by Enam Bosokah, an artist hailing from Ghana, are created using a basic ballpoint pen. All these beautiful cyan-toned drawings depict some of the famous African personalities, writers, as well as children and couples. Although classic pen drawings has been done before, but Bosokah’s artwork is simple yet full of details- it almost look real.

Artist James Rice turns spare spoons into intricate motorcycles

James Rice Spoon Motorcycles_10

People often have lot of spoons in their house, some are used daily but rest of them keep lying in drawers or cabinets unattended for years. American artist James Rice reshapes such unused spoons into intricate motorcycles, which have brought his art a lot of attention from the internet. His latest creation is the award-winning Bagger motorcycle that’s completely handmade out of stainless steel, just like his other automotive creations.

Taxi Fabric project gives colorful makeover to Mumbai taxis

Taxi Fabric project gives colorful makeover to Mumbai taxis

The most convenient forms of transport in the crowded city of Mumbai, India are the local taxis and rickshaws. Over the time, Taxis have become an iconic piece of culture in the metropolitan city.  And these days, besides taking people to their destinations, Mumbai taxis are serving as a platform for a unique kind of initiative. Taxi Fabric, an artistic project started by a team of young local designers is giving an artistic makeover to the taxis’ interior in Mumbai. This project is about creating a space for designers to show off their ideas and talent through the medium of taxis.

Animeyed: Flora Borsi creates surreal human-animal hybrid portraits

Animeyed Self-Portraits-by-Flora-Borsi

Have you ever wondered what would happen if human and animal merge? Well, they would probably look like these surreal human-animal portraits by Hungarian artist Flora Borsi, who focuses in fine art photography and photo manipulation. Blending human form with animal kingdom, Borsi has created a clever photography series titled ‘Animeyed.’ This stunning hybrid series consists of self-portaits of Borsi replacing her right eye with an animal.

DU Kun imagines Chinese Rockstars as mythic temples [In Photos]

DU Kun Revels of the Rock Gods

For Rock and Roll lovers, their favorite rockstars are not less than gods. Depicting the same notion through his art, Beijing-based painter DU Kun has formed portraits of Chinese rockstars as mythic temples. Being a musician himself, the painter always revered intangible aura of rock musicians. Now, he has beautifully turned his passion for rock music into the incredible series of oil painting titled ‘Revels of the Rock Gods’.

Sculptor Dengding Rui Yao unveils world’s largest redwood sculpture in China

world's largest redwood sculpture by Dengding Rui Yao

One major source of unusual and offbeat stories for us has been the land of China. From 12-meter tall Bumblebee to a wooden electric car, once in a while, China offers us a cool and entertaining story that we have to share it with you. Today also, we are bringing you an interesting story. The Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan, Hubei Province has become the center stage these days as the world’s largest redwood sculpture has been installed there. Created by Dengding Rui Yao, a well-known sculptor, the huge lion sculpture is carved from a single redwood tree trunk.

Body artist Emma Fay turns models into wonders from animal kingdom [In Photos]

Body artist Emma Fay turns models into wonders from animal kingdom

Are these animal portraits or human contortionists? At first glance, you’ll admire the wonders of nature on a canvas. But when you’ll look closer you can actually see human arms, feet and legs bending into extraordinary poses to execute beautiful animal figures. Created by talented British artist Emma Fay, the gorgeous sculptural body art is a result of human contortionists’ flexibility of acrobats, fantasy of the artist using water-based paints, brush and sponge, and finally the brilliant photography skills of Jonathan Macauley.

Artist Jeff Klarin gives unusual makeover to outdated tech gadgets

Future Fossils by Jeff Klarin

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds with hi-tech gadgets and services being launched every day. Last week, as we were busy with CES 2016 where hundreds of new products were launched, I was struck with a strange thought that how quickly new technology is changing our lifestyle. Also, how our latest acquired gadgets goes out of fashion in just couple of months. Well, to keep us reminiscent with this fact, Artist Jeff Klarin has created a distinctive collection of sculptures that includes outdated tech gadgets which were loved and used by people in the past.

Most iconic Lego sneakers by Tom Yoo are up for sale

Lego sneakers by Tom Yoo are up for sale

If you want to witness creative side of sneakers culture, then you must check out these iconic plastic kicks in brick-form. Young artist Tom Yoo is well-known for his ingenious takes on some of the popular shoe brands that are given complete Lego makeover. The imaginative maker has formed a series of 10 Lego art sculptures that consists of most celebrated shoe releases over the years, including Nike Air Mag, Air Jordan and Air Yeezy 2.

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