Oregon man turns a Boeing 727 into his dream home

Airplanes are often seen in the sky, on the runway or in the hangars, but it is a very rare scene when we found them parked at someone’s garden.  Bruce Campbell an electrical engineer from Oregon is one such guy who is having his personal Boeing 727-200 in his backyard which serves as an amazing and unique home to him.

His project started about a decade ago when he bought a worn 1969 Olympic Airways Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 and then spent $100,000 more to turn it into his living place.

You can now order the TreeHotel’s MirrorCube room for your own backyard

A unique and innovative hotel came into the picture about a year ago which impressed people with its design and its fusion with the nature. We are talking about the Treehotel situated in Harads wood in Sweden which offers a woodland retreat in tree houses which are perfectly blended into the treetops of the forest.

One of the most impressive rooms of the Swedish hotel is the Mirrorcube room designed by an architecture firm of Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård and costs around $650 a night. The company behind the treehotel is now selling the Mirrorcube directly to the consumers via mail order and therefore now you don’t have to travel to the world’s another corner to experience a night in the Mirrorcube but you can do that in your backyard too.

Dottling’s Colosimo Double Wing watch safe is inspired by the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

Nearly 60 years ago, a legend was born in German city of Sindelfingen which was way ahead of its time in automotive technology, class and design too. Ye we are talking about the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL better known as the “Gullwing”. Now 60 years later this icon has served as an inspiration for dottling who have represented some of the finest German handcrafting since 1919 and here they are with the masterpiece the Colosimo Double Wing watch safe which is entirely based on its famous automotive model.

SVETI Floating Island Concept by Pastrovich Studio

Yesterday we brought you a Solar floating resort concept for an ultimate holiday experience. However today we are bringing is a floating Island concept by Pastrovich Studio which would the take the luxury feel and holiday experience to another level.

After bringing ‘The Streets of Monaco’ concept and ‘Tropical Island Paradise’ the Italian design studio Pastrovich is back with their latest project the 150m motor yacht SVETI concept. It is designed to provide the ultimate luxury beach onboard experience and possesses the combination of some of the nicest features of the world’s most luxurious resorts.

Conceptual Solar Floating Resort lets you explore and save energy

How about spending your holidays in a floating luxury resort which is self powered too? Yes this is in the mind of an Italian designer Michele Puzzolante who has suggested a futuristic architecture concept to create a floating luxury hotel suite which is self sustaining all thanks to dye-sensitized solar cells which are integrated into the vessel’s walls. The resort can accommodate six persons and they all can keep an eye on the marine life through an underwater observation room.

Take a Plunge into The Les Paul Guitar Swimming Pool

If I ask you to relate between a Guitar and a swimming pool, you might scratch your head and wonder what a weird question it is. However today what we are bringing you is an amazing swimming pool which is having quite an odd relation with a Guitar. The Les Paul Guitar Swimming Pool is constructed by giving it the shape of a Guitar and surely the swimming pool’s elegance and beauty will be hitting  the musical notes of a person who takes a plunge into it.

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