Canon 5DS camera scale replica comes with functional Flash drive lenses

Canon 5DS camera scale replica with 2 USB Flash Drive Lenses

If you are looking to a buy a Canon camera but can’t afford one at the moment, we have an ideal accessory that’ll keep you motivated to keep the real deal always on your mind. Canon has unveiled a scale replica of its Canon 5DS camera which will come with a removable lens and other minute details as well. However, this cute looking device is not a camera but a flash drive instead. An official product of Canon, this miniature 5DS replica camera is an exact 1:2.6-scale replica of the original DSLR camera.

3 mind-blowing galactic creations for Star Wars fanatics

3 mind-blowing galactic creations for Star Wars fanatics

Tomorrow is the day we all have been waiting for so long. It’s ‘December 18,’ when the most awaited sci-fi film Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to be released all over the world. However in anticipation of this iconic movie, many designers have been coming up with amazing Star Wars-inspired creations. These gimmicks are not only reminiscent of the popular characters from the space opera franchise, but functional at the same time.

Beast among bikes: The Moto Guzzi 3-Wheel motorcycle

Restored 1960s Moto Guzzi 3-Wheel motorcycle in Russian museum

For all you bad boys out there, the auto market has plenty of badass motorcycles to suit your tough personality. However, we are pretty convinced that none of them can match the hard core style of this 1960s Moto Guzzi 3-Wheel motorcycle. A one-of-a kind machine, this 3-wheel vehicle is a complicated blend of a motorcycle, car and an ATV, all fused into one. Built for the Italian Army back in the 1960s, the Moto Guzzi 3 Wheel motorcycle was ordered by General Ferruccio Garbari to replace the traditional mules used by his mountain troops.

World’s largest bird sculpture in India’s Jatayu Nature Park

World's Largest Bird Sculpture in Jatayu Nature Park

Located at Chadayamangalam village in the Kollam district of Kerala, India, the picturesque rock-themed Jatayu Nature Park houses the world’s largest bird sculpture. The nature park is named after Jatayu, the valiant God of the Hindus in the form of a huge bird, which is known for bravery in the Epic Ramayana. According to the locals, the mythical bird had fallen from the sky at the exact place where the National park is being constructed.

Star Wars Effect: Jay Leno drives Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car

Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car

Star Wars fans are pretty excited as only couple of days is left in the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one of the year’s most eagerly awaited movies. Therefore, to keep you all Star Wars fan in the mood until premiere, we have something cool for you. To celebrate the movie, Jay Leno’s Garage has released a new video in which Jay Leno is driving the Hot Wheels Darth Vader car. Before that, he is seen talking to Hot Wheels design boss Bryan Benedict who explains the complex function of the life-size car modeled after Darth Vader’s helmet.

PRS’ Private Stock limited edition guitars celebrate 20 years of craftsmanship

PRS Guitars 20th anniversary Private Stock limited edition

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Private Stock program, PRS Guitars has announced its limited series of 40 guitars that are unique in many ways. For those of you who are not familiar with PRS’ Private Stock program, let us enlighten you that through this program PRS have been able to craft the very best tonewoods, featuring exceptional artistic details. So in honor of this innovative program, Paul Reed Smith’s company has crafted special edition African Ribbon Mahogany instruments that are reminiscent of Howard Leese’s ‘Golden Eagle’ model.

Patrick Schmidt converts school bus into motorhome to travel across America

Patrick Schmidt converts school bus into motorhome

If travelling is your life’s ultimate goal, we have an ideal inspiration for you that’ll motivate you to live the dream of your life. Patrick Schmidt, who goes by Skoolielove, has converted a school bus into a motorhome to travel and explore America. The travel story started when Schmidt bought a 1990 School Bus, nicknamed Big Blue at the beginning of March for 4,500 USD in Long Beach California. After picking the bus, he went to his parents’ house in Vegas and started converting it into a tiny motor home at the beginning of May.

Givori’s diamond-studded Calypso iPhone 6S range for well-heeled

Givori diamond-studded Calypso iPhone 6S

Luxury smartphone accessorisor Givori is offering consumers a chance to dazzle up their opulent lifestyle with its latest diamond-studded Calypso iPhone 6S range. Inspired by mystical sea creatures, the blinged-out collection includes three models: Malachite, Mother of Pearl and the Limited Edition Calypso Diamond. All three models feature patterns of fish scales, but there are a few differences in their individual styles.

Slayer Bob’s Christmas lights display will make you headbang [Video]

Slayer Bob’s Christmas lights display

Christmas is meant to be enjoyed by all, even thrash metalheads. So this holiday season, Slayer Bob, a metalhead from Southern California, has animated an entire series of Christmas lights on his house and synced with his favorite heavy metal tunes. But wait, not just any random metal songs, the whole Christmas lights show is designed to pay tribute to the popular heavy metal bands- Slipknot and Disturbed.

Aerodrome is building world’s first commercial droneport in Nevada

Aerodrome Announces World's First Commercial Droneport

Aerodrome has teamed up with City of Boulder City, Nevada to build the world’s first commercial droneport. Yes, a commercial port for drones! Already broken ground, the 50-acre droneport located approximately 28 miles from the Las Vegas Strip will provide education and certification for commercial drone pilots. It will also offer support for recreational users and drone racers. Currently operational, the permanent and fully funded droneport has the full support and approval of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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