IFA 2017: Sony RXO Camera has RX image quality in pint-sized action-cam body

Sony RXO Camera

There are plenty of high-quality action cameras available in the market right now, but Sony has still jumped into it, promising something unusual yet tempting. The Japanese multinational conglomerate company has collaborated with Zeiss for the lenses on its latest RXO Camera. It jam packs high-end photo and video capabilities within its pint-sized action camera body. Combining action-cam with traditional imaging prowess, Sony may compete with GoPro.

sCarabane collapsible caravan rotates 360-degree to harness solar energy


France-based Green Cat Technologies has created a versatile, foldable sCarabane caravan that’s capable of providing tiny off-grid living in any remote location. It folds up into a box-like unit for easy transportation. When on the desired destination, it can fold out into a spacious living space that’s powered by sun and wind energy.

Otto Smart Lock anticipates your arrival, allows access with a single press

Otto Smart Lock

From app-controlled lights to connected thermostats and smart locks, there are many gadgets to update your smart home. The newest to join the club is Otto Smart Lock, which probably is the smallest and sleekest IoT home security device. Otto is capable of anticipating your arrival and allows access with a single press. So, no need to deal with traditional keypads – just one touch and you’re inside your home. But it comes with a ridiculous price tag!

Illy’s anniversary edition XI espresso machine reunites beauty and science


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of their renowned X1 espresso machine, Italian brand Illy has created the updated anniversary edition of the same iconic coffee maker. Reuniting beauty and technology, the upgraded version features characteristics of Illy innovation and aesthetics of the illetta, the invention of founder Francesco Illy (patented in 1935), which is recognized as the first espresso machine to introduce automatic water dosing and high pressure.

Nagpur teenager builds eco-friendly electric car out of scrap pieces

nagpur teenager builds eco-friendly electric car

It’s good to know that how people are making effort to reuse old objects for reducing their environmental impact. Onkar Talmale, a 19-year-old boy from Nagpur, is in headlines for making an eco-friendly electric car that he has made completely out of scrap pieces. To build this electric car, named ‘Hirkani,’ he has used an old plastic drum, a couple of buckets, and a few pieces of scrap pipes and iron rods.

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