Exhale: Living chandelier filled with algae purifies air around it


Even the air we breathe is not pure, due to the increasing number of toxic pollutants. Although there are many air purifiers available in the market, most of them come in boring designs. To change that, Julian Melchiorri, London-based designer and engineer, has created an interesting algae-filled living chandelier that not only lights up a room but also purifies the air around it.

Keep time safe with luxurious Buben & Zorweg Illusion range

Buben & Zorweg Illusion

Flourishing luxury watch and timepiece-safe makers Buben & Zorweg are in the global business for more than two decades. The German company specializes in precisely crafted watch winders that are designed to encase and care for self-winding watches. Their latest collection ‘Illusion’ brings a new technology integrated way to protect your valuable artifacts.

Adidas unveils special beer and vomit-proof sneakers for Oktoberfest

Adidas beer and vomit-proof sneakers for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a famous beer festival celebrated in Munich, Germany annually from September 16 to October 4. To celebrate this year’s Volksfest, Adidas is bringing limited edition beer and vomit-proof sneakers, dubbed München, to the market. After drinking too much of beer, there’s a time when you start feeling like you have to throw up or actually puke – and your favorite pair of shoes are ruined.

Dethleffs has stepped up the solar game with all-electric motorhome

Dethleffs ehome concept

German camper manufacturer Dethleffs has envisioned the future of plug-in green motorhomes with their e.home concept, a solar-powered all-electric motorhome. The problem with most motorhomes is that when you go to a remote location, you won’t find any charging infrastructure. But e-home is all backed with solar panels to use sun’s energy to power its battery pack.

Employees of Hyundai Motors India transform scrap pieces into works of art

Employees of Hyundai Motors transform scrap pieces into works of art

Usually, scrap pieces in the automotive industries end up in landfills, increasing heaps of waste. But employees at Hyundai Motors India have taken an initiative to transform unused auto parts or other scrap pieces into stunning metal sculptures. They collect unused wires, nuts, and screws to turn them into beautiful artifacts that are likely to add an industrial touch to any home or office interior.

Burning Man 2017: Stunning photos from the world’s craziest festival

Burning Man 2017

Started in 1986 as two friends burning an eight-foot statue on a San Francisco beach, the Burning Man has become the world’s craziest festival that sets a 105-feet statue on fire during the summer solstice. The annual gathering in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada also sees various artists and enthusiasts from across the globe to create an imaginative community, which is removed after the event, without impacting the environment.

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