HiPer Sub 2: U-Boat Worx unveils the fastest sports submarine

HiPer Sub 2 sports submarine by U-Boat Worx

U-Boat Worx, Netherlands-based manufacturer of high performing submersibles has unveiled the all new HiPer Sub 2 sports submarine. A modified version of the HP Sport Sub 2 which was set for release two years ago, the HiPer Sub 2 is the fastest submarine on the market. This ultimate underwater toy is meant for two occupants who sit beside each other to share the underwater experience together. Furthermore, both occupants can take control of the submarine without switching seats.

HiPer Sub 2 sports submarine by U-Boat Worx

The HiPer Sub 2 weighs 2,480 kilograms and is just about 10 feet (316 centimeters), which is considerably small. With a diving capacity of about 328 feet (100 meters), the sports submarine can travel at a speed of 6 knots. The Sharc controller developed for the hydrobatic HiPer Sub allows for intuitive maneuverability under any angle or pitch. Also, there is a MDP (maximum depth protection) feature that prevents the pilot from diving deeper than the submarine’s maximum operating depth.

HiPer Sub 2 sports submarine by U-Boat Worx

The DNV-GL certified submersible also comes with U-Boat Worx Information System (UIS) that gives the pilot direct access to all significant data on a touch-screen display. Besides that, the HiPer Sub 2 features a Deadman’s switch safety system that will automatically resurface the submersible if the pilot becomes incapable of controlling the submarine.

HiPer Sub 2 sports submarine by U-Boat Worx
A perfect toy for yachts, this sports submarine can easily be transported in a shipping container as well. People who don’t own a yacht can tow it behind their car to any marina for a cool day’s diving experience.
Credit: Megayachtnews
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