Skyacht One brings the luxury of oceangoing yacht to private jet

Skyacht One by Embraer Executive Jets

Luxury sea yachts and private jets are from two different worlds. But Embraer Executive Jets has teamed up with SottoDesign Studios to combine the best of both worlds in form of splendid Skyacht One private jet. The renowned jet company has brilliantly transformed its Lineage 1000E into ultra-custom private jet that offers the comfort of oceangoing yacht to filthy rich flyers.

Skyacht One by Embraer Executive Jets

Exterior of Skyacht One is clad with faux mahogany to resemble the beautiful hull of a ship. No doubt it is a fully-functional airplane, but you’ll surely forget that you are on an aircraft once you enter inside. This is because the luxurious furnishing and setup is going to remind you of any lavish sea cruiser. The Skyacht boasts over 4,000-cubic-feet of cabin space, which includes a private conference room and a main cabin.

Skyacht One by Embraer Executive Jets

To maintain the seafaring theme within the entire jet, Sotto has added vintage furnishings from Italian designer Piero Fornasetti. Both conference room and main cabin sport brass-bezeled windows and mahogany trusses that suspend the inlaid panels. The cabin is outfitted with mahogany wood paneling that’s similar to what’s found on a yacht.

Living space is fitted with British campaign-style furnishing, leather sofa, cocktail bar and TV. Plus, the master suite is also adorned with mahogany interior and features stylish bed, ample storage space and attached bathroom with shower.

Skyacht One by Embraer Executive Jets

Moreover, every seat in the plane is covered in premium leather and the controls are all plated in fine metal. It is a stunning luxury superyacht that can actually fly. But all of that comes with a hefty price tag. To enjoy the comfort and facilities of the Skyacht One you need to shell out whopping $87 million.

So, only well-heeled aviators will get to fly with flair. But others can satisfy themselves with the images of the gorgeous interior.

Skyacht One by Embraer Executive Jets

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