Eddie Liu envisions DC Superheroes in their old age

Aging DC Superheroes by Eddie Liu

What comes to your mind when you think about your favorite superhero? Obviously, you start imagining a young powerful person with fit and strong physique. This is how we all have grown up thinking that our DC Heroes are just perfect, without even a minor flaw. But nobody can escape aging, not even superheroes. That’s what Shanghai-based illustrator Eddie Liu has shown the world in his latest portraits.

Liu has envisioned some of the popular superheroes in their old age. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash are illustrated with gray hair and wrinkles on their face. Although their costumes are recognizable and they also retain their heroic majesty, but they’ve surely lost some of their youthful sheen in these aged-up portraits.

Somehow old age has not been accepted by society especially when they think about a courageous character. However, these old superhero sketches are showing the bright side of aging. Hopefully, in coming years people start seeing oldage as a mark of experience and wisdom, along with true beauty.

Touching and humorous at the same time, the images will shake up everyone’s thoughts in different ways. Have a closer look at these aging superheroes in the images given below.

Aging DC Superheroes by Eddie Liu

Aging DC Superheroes by Eddie Liu

Aging DC Superheroes by Eddie Liu

Aging DC Superheroes by Eddie Liu

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