Dom Pérignon RevHouse: A perfect hideaway close to the waves

Dom Pérignon RevHouse

Can’t get enough of panoramic views and relaxing environment near the open sea? Well, the Dom Pérignon RevHouse is a perfect summer retreat to enjoy luxury life close to the waves. It can accommodate up to 75 people, so you can enjoy a grand party while floating above pleasant water waves.
Created by Renowned champagne manufacturer Dom Pérignon in collaboration with Revhouse, German producer of exclusive houseboats, the exclusive houseboat is located in Berlin, Hamburg and Dusseldorf- sojourning lifetime experience to the occupants.

Dom Pérignon RevHouse

The two-story floating house is made out of fine wood and consists of huge glass walls to maximize views of the surroundings. It also boasts a huge Dom Pérignon logo, adding majestic touch to its winsomeness. Moreover, interior of the houseboat is as lavish as its exterior along with high-end facilities and furnishings.
It is a stunning buoyant setting on water for celebrating any special occasion such as family parties, corporate parties or simply a romantic getaway for two. You can rent this exquisite venue not only for a day or a night, but also for a longer period in July and August 2015. All thanks to this ultra-modern houseboat, you can relish summer living a nomadic life in style.

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