Syrian rebels builds a tank from scrap auto parts

To fight against the reigning government of President Bashar al-Assad, Syrian rebels have added a new weapon to their arsenal in the form of a homemade tank built from scraped auto parts.

Dubbed as Sham II, the tank was built in less than a month’s time by using chassis of an old diesel car and restored auto parts from a junkyard. It features a roof-mounted machine gun which is controlled, aimed and fired by a Sony Playstation gaming console.

Sham II, a tank built by scrap auto parts

The four meter long and two meter wide tank is made from steel and the metal walls are 2.5 centimeters thick capable of surviving a 23 mm cannon fire. Two people can sit inside the vehicle facing the wall mounted LCD display which brings the pictures to the pilot from five different cameras.

Sham II, a tank built by scrap auto parts


This home built tank costs about $10,000 and right now is making its journey towards the city of Aleppo to stand against the deadly weapons like the Russian-built T-72 tanks used by Assad’s government.

Sham II, a tank built by scrap auto parts

Via: Dailymail

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