Hungarian guy builds a fully functional wooden chopper

Motorcycle enthusiasts like me surely will love and admire this homemade Wooden Chopper made by a passionate motorcycle lover from Hungary named Istvan Puskas. The 52 year old guy is an agricultural machine expert and a tractor driver from Tiszaros which is situated 161 kilometers east of Budapest. His Wooden motorcycle has grabbed lots of attention when it was unveiled recently after a two year hard work and dedication that has gone into this creation.

This one of a kind Chopper is a fully functional machine which is powered by an old Fiat engine and is made entirely out of black locust wood.

Homemade Wooden Chopper

Homemade Wooden Chopper

Some weird thinking has also gone into the making of the Chopper as the exhaust pipes and handlebars are made from cow’s horns, wooden barrel is used as the fuel tank and deer horns for some extra decoration. It is an amazing piece that shows the craftsmanship of the guy and definitely will impress lots of motorcycle lovers out there.

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